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Genitail&Prostate Massage.

Ad Description

Kasai Chai / Female massage, prostate massage, Yoni massage
Genitail and Prostate Massage (Jabkasai Tendom)

???? Accepting massage in and out of Bangkok, perimeter and Pattaya. No storefront (real massage, real massage). Experience in massage and a tenor teaching 6-7 years ????
   ???? I am massage service provider for incall / outcall to Bangkok and Pattaya. (real massage only) Experience 6-7year, therapist and trainer to teach. ????

???? ️♂ Kasai massage, reproductive system, Kasai rehabilitation, Kasai hot stone, delay ejaculation
???? ️♂ Nakharat Resurrection, Akanee Nakharat
???? ️♂ Prostate massage
???? ️♀ Kasai Thai massage, Kasai hot stone, Yoni massage, Uterus massage, Yung Rumpan flour massage

???? ️♂♀Reproductive system massage (Jab kasai) for male and female.
???? ️♂ Prostate massage
???? ️♀Yoni massage
???? ️♂Genitals and Prostate massage.
???? ️♂♀Bamboo massage
???? ️♂♀Hot stone massage
???? If interested, contact me. ????

Line: the-prostate_massage
Wechat: JaAey-JA
Skype: JaAey Peekaboo
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