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Genuine Liectroux Cordless Mop from Germany, Cordless Double Heads

  • Bang Rak
  • 15 Mar 2020 : 06:48 am
  • ID: 384050

Ad Description

Cordless Electric Mop Liectroux from Germany, double heads, Cordless Electric Mop


● Easily manage each type of environment
Laminate flooring, ceramic tiles, marble flooring, wood flooring
● The double rotating plate is better than two human hands
Twin swivel pads provide strong power to remove stains with just a little mop, all stains will disappear.
● Water spray helps to clean thoroughly.
Spray water at any time and wipe dry once
● wireless and free in all directions automatically
Eliminate space restrictions
● LED Lightening - removes all stains
There is an LED light in front of the electric lamp, so you can see it all and get rid of dirt in the dark.

If interested, inquire and order at our online store.
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