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Hitachi Refrigerator (Two Doors)

Ad Description

Two doors Hitachi refrigerator still covered by the 10 years guarantee for the compressor (was bought July 2016).
Model: R-V350PZ
Volume: 12.4 Cu

Price new is 16.990THB

Advanced inverter technology from Hitachi with Dual Fan Cooling increases the efficiency of the dual fans. Faster cooling Electronic control system provides high cooling power wven when the ambient temperature outside reaches 60°C, all areas inside the refrigerator will still be thoroughly cooled.

Keeps cold for up to 12 hours. Vacuum insulated panel, protection from outside heat and helps to maintain excellent coldness even when power cuts

Tempered glass shelf Anti-scratch, heat resistant, with plastic edge around the glass Prevent liquid spills. Can support weight up to 100 kg

LED interior lighting, durable and energy-saving.

Save 20% on average
1 year machine warranty, 10 years motor
Size g.65 s.160.5 l.72 cm.
Weight 58 kg.
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