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Home Cinema Set 1080p HD Projector + Hybrid Speakers + Netflix Dongle

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NOTE : I CAN ship nationally by Kerry Express (at buyer's cost) if we exchange IDs etc for safety/security. Domestic bank-to-bank transfer only in that case.

Going back to my country middle of the year, so scaling down all my belongings.
Everything working perfectly, no issues.

*** 1) Epson TW-650 Full HD / 1080p HDR 3100 Lumens 3LCD Projector. ***
I have owned multiple projectors and this HD one is the closest I have seen to a real cinema grade picture...better than DLP ones. Skin tones are natural and colors are vivid.

*** 2) Custom Hybrid Powered Speakers ***
Double speaker cone + planar magnetic tweeter (22-inch/56 cm tall speakers) room shaking sound (with stands if collected locally).
Hybrid speakers = highly detailed voices + rich mids and full bass. Best of both worlds.
Tweeter has been upgraded to ribbon/planar magnetic style normally seen in $500-$800 + hybrid speaker systems. Just google "hybrid speakers" to understand/see what the benefits are of this unique style of speaker....speakers are also Internally damped to reduce resonant 'bloom/boominess' in the speakers.

*** 3) Amazon 4k HDR Fire TV Device (Netflix ready to go on it in 1080p/full HD HDR) ***

*** 4) Bluetooth receiver for Netflix Audio ***
Also has a wireless 'UPnP' receiver internally for lossless/CD quality music streaming of audio directly from a phone/tablet/notebook to the speakers)


*** 5) Highly detailed optical Sabre audio output unit ***
to output the sound to the speakers....bringing a really clean high resolution audio image.This is an add-on audio unit in front of the bluetooth receiver, a higher grade unit than the bluetooth receiver's audio output...

Combo of FIVE items/components to make a complete 'Grade A' home cinema set.

Can project onto a white wall, and current picture is at about 2.7m diagonal in photo above. Picture quality is better than my phone photos above which get a bit grainy in lower light.

(Painting a dedicated movie wall light gray will actually give a better picture vs a white wall with regard to deeper black contrast.)

Projector alone cost 38,000 Baht in Thailand in 2018.
Extras excluding projector cost 19,000 Baht (combined cost).
Sell the lot for 31,500.

Enjoy the big screen experience - supersize your favourite films, games and sporting events at home
Easy to set up - keystone correction, built-in Wi-Fi and iProjection app
Long-lasting solution - watch a film every day for 11 years
Affordable, high-tech equipment - enjoy this full HD 1080p projector
Impressive, bright display - equally high white and colour light output of 3,100 lumens
Remarkable colour accuracy - up to 3x higher colour brightness (2) and up to 3x wider colour gamut (3) with Epson over DLP projectors

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