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I will create a vibrant, stunning logo design for your business

  • Phuket
  • 06 May 2022 : 12:27 pm
  • ID: 424057

Ad Description


A Logo must express what you are, what you do and what your values are. It is not a simple process and requires several iterations between client and freelancer.

First of all I need to understand the ultimate purpose of the logo, the style I will want to adopt to get the best effect. A very important aspect that often those who are not experts neglect is simplicity: think of the most famous logos you know. How many elements do they have? Often few strokes and few lines but all focused on communicating a character. Do you want some examples? Nike's mustache, Apple's apple, Audi's four circles, Microsoft's colored squares ...

I will take care of just this and I will do it on time and making sure that you are fully satisfied.


1 Logo design concept 3 Revision | JPG / PNG file (High Res.) + Monochrome


Speed of action


Company name
A basic idea
Logo elements you would like to have

That's all, Let's do it.


Define a concept
A concept is a logo design

Define a revision
Revisions are the changes you ask to apply to a concept

What if I need more than just logo
You can ask me first and I will guide you through the process of stationary design and make you an offer for it

What if I need a branding bible (Guidelines) from this logo.
Yes, I can and I will make you an offer after discussing with you what to include into it

Can you do a media kit presentation from this logo?
Yes I can do that, please contact me and we can set a price and the exact specifications of what it will include

I would like to use my logo in both white and dark backgrounds, can that be done?
The Silver and Gold packages include a monochrome version of the logo which serves that exact purpose
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I will write and design your weekly social media posts

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I will create and Install a 90 Days SSL Certificate for your Website

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Web Design, Logo, Brochure, Flyer, Video Editing, WordPress, Web App

Web Design, Logo, Brochure, Flyer, Video Editing, WordPress, Web App

  • 06 May 2022 : 12:28 pm

- Are you wondering how to promote your business? - Are you looking to realize that project that has been sitting to the back of your mind for sometime? - Are you tired of your current design and want something more exciting? If you have asked yourself any of this questions, then you have come to the right place. Hi All, this is Daniele, I am a Web and Graphic Designer, (hence, a "Digital designer"), and also a tech enthusiast. I love to design web sites, logos, brochures, banners and anything that sends a message to an audience. I do it for both the private and the commercial sector. Whether you're a looking on revamping your existing website, design a new one from scratch, get a full branding and Corporate Identity Image for your next venture or you just want a consultation in view of a future project, I am happy to meet you for a friendly and informal chat. Well....if you are based in Phuket of course, ...or I can do it digitally on Line, WhatsApp, Telegram, Hangouts etc. if you are located somewhere else around the globe. HERE IS HOW I WORK: I work from home. I will meet with you, discuss your project, quote your job and my time, once both part agree I will receive a down payment and start your project. You will see the progress on a daily basis and will give me your input so that I will do exactly as you want it, (and if you need it, I will also give you my opinion according with my past experience). Once the job is done I will set the final bill. If requested we will make a deal for further editing and updates. In any case, Just feel free to contact me, I am available to met you and chat about your needs, show you my portfolio and list of successful projects and clients.