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Investment Opportunities in Thailand

Ad Description

Invest in equity crowdfunding for a Bangkok based company with own jewelry brand and online presence with high growth potential for serious investors and professional partners.

•Fully establish design and manufacturing facility
•Brand presence in 10 countries
•Distribution center in US, CA, EU, JP
•Revenue of $260K in first 18 months
•10,000 pieces sold
•Gross profit 65%
•For every $10K investment, expect $50K in return
•Exit in 24 - 30 months

Management and Management Team
•The Founder/CEO worked for 20 years in managing positions in the jewelry industry with experience in starting, growing, and exiting companies.
•Management team, with strong CVs worked together for the last 3 years with all ups and downs.

•The brand has a clear and tested value proposition which is attractive to mostly female customers.
•It gained traction by providing customer demand with finely crafted pieces of sterling silver jewelry with a record of actual sales on hand.
•Customer experience references are available.

Competitive Landscape
•There are many viable competitors, nevertheless against all odds, we gain fast market share.
•High startup costs and the right product collection prevents new competitors from easily entering the market.
•It would take a well-heeled competitor 2-3 years to copy the product and obtain market traction?

Market Attractiveness
•Addressable market size of $148B, Pandora revenue $2B, our market opportunity $0.5B.
•Market penetration of $1M will be achieved this year.
•The company has the potential to make $10M in annual sales within 30 months.

•The company is cash flow positive
•Current company valuation $500K
•Previous investment from founders, family and friends

Why Equity Investment
Unfortunately we are not able to generate enough profit for grow or obtain line of credit needed to scale up fast.
Capital Needed $100K - Equity 16.67% - Pre-money valuation $500K

Min. Investment $5K - Max. Investment $75K

Investment with excellent ROI
Use of fund
•Prefinance orders
•Increase inventory
•Add working stations for production

If you interested, please contact us.
We would love to have you on-board as partner in a growing business
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