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Kawasaki Z400 SE 2019

  • Make: KAWASAKI
  • Model: Z400
  • Year: 2019
  • Body Type: Sportbike
  • Color: Blue
  • Condition: Excellent
  • Mileage: 16000
  • Engine Size (cc): 150 - 499cc

Ad Description

Good condition ( 3 months engine guarantee)
Installment possible/Trade ins accpeted
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  • 05 Nov 2021 : 11:30 am

Update April 28, 2020: passed inspection/tax paid. Also had Yamaha have the carb opened/cleaned/tuned, and correct a short circuit to the horn. Also removed the gear temp sensors/gear indicator/and extra LEDs since their wiring was all rotted causing the horn problem. So the bike rides as nice as a 6000km bike can. There are some cosmetic scratches/blemishes but you can replace all the body panels cheap if you expect perfection. I spent over 120,000THB on this but never ride it. It's the easiest bike to ride through Bangkok traffic since it is as narrow as a bicycle. This is a full 6 speed clutched bike. No gasohol; benzine only so you need to go to Susco, PTT, Caltex, PT. I am 173cm tall and the stock seat was uncomfortably low so with the raised seat and bars; its scooter comfortable to ride now. I had to fly to Malaysia and buy most of these parts which are not available in Thailand. Selling since I never use this (have car and other bike). No discount; my price is good and I am in no hurry to sell. Modifications front to back: Used bike (I am second owner) 60000 Tires: Dunlop TT900 3000 Fork brace: Racing Boy 700 Headlight fairings and light assembly: Genuine Suzuki Belang 10000 Osram Yellow lightbulb: 500 Handlebars: Racing Boy Robocop (fully adjustable much higher than stock) 3000 Mirrors: Yamaha Tricity (more visibility and adjustability) 300 Handlebar bag clip and ti bolt 300 Handle bar card clip 100 Brake levers adjustable 400 Easy clutch box 1200 Clutch cable extra long 500 Timex Watch 300 DVR front /rear cameras /waterproof bag 1500 Tire pressure monitor 1500 Steering damper stabilizer set: Racing Boy adjustable 1500 Center bag Faito Cam chain tensioner 700 Engine clutch arm Racing Boy 250 Seat: much higher than stock (more leg comfort) 400 Rearsets fully adjustable Yoshimura copy (can kickstart) 1500 Brake: stainless hoses, OEM rear reservoir 700 Seat: much higher than stock (more leg comfort) 400 Carbon fiber muffler hanger and passenger peg replacements 1000 Aluminum Swingarm: 2500 Rear fender 1000 Lithium battery 600 Battery kill switch (battery never goes flat during long storage) 300 Abus Helmet chain lock 300 Gold titanium bolts (never rusts): 15000 Muffler: Leo Vince CP Corsa carbon, removable silencer; passes inspection every year. 10000 Strontium glow tape on wheels (Tron style) 300 Original parts (as pictured) 0 Oil filter cap (not shown but have): Racing Boy CNC alloy 500 BRT I-Max CDI and remote programmer 3500