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KUTE Concentrated Liquid Oil Cleanser

Ad Description

If you have problems with stains, can not be washed, the machine looks unclean Or the area is full of deep stains We have a solution for you. Introducing KUTE

Cut help remove oil stains. Engine oil, fuel oil, grease, asphalt, black soot contaminated by large machinery, factory floor area, boiler room, motor soot stains Mold cleaning work. Plastic equipment, aluminum, asphalt stain on the car. Oil spills, garages, kitchen floors, grills, filters, hoods, etc.

Special features of Cut
1. Non-flammable, no solvents
2. Help save costs Can be diluted with water again
3. Environmentally friendly Biodegradable (Biodegradable)
4. Non-corrosive to the aluminum work surface
Reduce cleaning time And add more convenience to your work with the new innovation from KUTE.
If interested, contact S-Rike, call 023223188 or ID Line sreich.
Visit our main website at

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