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Land Plot Koh Samui - Bargain

  • Koh Samui
  • 20 Jun 2019 : 16:20 pm
  • ID: 365552

Ad Description

1800 sqm in total divided equally on 2 plots of 900 sqm, Chanote title.
Both plots with concrete road access.
Sea and mountain views
Land is surrounded by coconuts, on gentle slope and partially flat
Quiet residential location 2 mins from ring road in Namuang, close to Greenfield International College and the prestigious Bhavana Bodhigun Vocational College
900k per plot, 1.6m baht both plots - priced to sell.
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Beautiful Land and House for sale

Beautiful Land and House for sale

  • 31 May 2019 : 14:53 pm

This is 1,716 Sqm Land or in Thai measurement 1 Rai and 29 wah. Its a beautiful area with a newly built home that looks magical. Very safe area and friendly neighbors. Local people here are very friendly and haven't got a chance to become rude yet same as in Phuket. It's like Thailand used to be 20 years ago before it got the way it is now. If you miss it how it used to be then this is the perfect place. Its worth mentioning that prices and the cost of living is much much lower than in Phuket or other areas down South. For example: 1kg of rambutan is only 35 to 50 THB where in Phuket its 150 to 200 THB. Eating in the restaurants around here is also very cheap and you could do it even cheaper if you buy from the market. They have a weekend market here every Saturday. Only 1.5 km from the white sand beach and the same distance to the famous Khanom waterfall. The land is located in the middle between the mentioned locations. Its a perfect distance as the land is protected from the storms, floods and erosion. The latest big storm named ''Pabuk'' hit Khanom and caused a considerable amount of damage, (especially near the coast) however the small area around the land was not affected at all as it is protected by the surrounding mountains. Therefore it is one of the safest places to be. If you look on the map and the location you will see why. Only 2 minutes on the moped to get to the beach or the waterfall. Fresh air and a light breeze is always present which is delightful and perfect for this location. The land is Channote title with the papers available upon request. Koh Samui is visible and only 35km away from Khanom beach by boat. There is also a viewpoint nearby with the shortcut near the land where you can look over Khanom, beaches, and see Koh Samui in sight. Its a good location to own a speed boat or do some surfing or even wind surfing as the winds from Gulf of Thailand are constantly making waves and ideal conditions for sailing. The land is rich and beautiful, the soil is very good so vegetables and trees grow here very easy and big. We have already planted about 50 trees on this land and some herbs. We planted durian, mango, mangosteen, rambutan, jackfruit, tammarine, grapes, longan, coconuts, lemon, orange, pomelo and few other thai fruit trees all that I can remember for now. No need to use of herbicides. We have left 9 Palm Trees on the land for some shade and decoration purposes. Lots of wildlife, especially birds so its a cool place to do bird watching. The house is newly built and sits 2.5 meters above the ground on stilts. We used reinforced concrete both for the house columns and for the foundation columns beneath the earth. It was originally 2 bedrooms 3.5 x 3metres but it's only me and my wifey so we decided to make one room instead at 6.5 x 3.5 metres and a separate living room. If I had the funds I would love to start my own business here. I would build bamboo and brick mix type of bungalows. I had plans drawn out if you are interested to see, let me know. I believe this is a good place and opportunity to start a business and make some money on your own door step. You could comfortably fit around 8 - 9 bungalows around the edges of the land and leave the middle area for nice garden and parking. The space under the house could be turned in to a gym and cafe/restaurant, bar or even massage shop. There is plenty of space for this. We have installed electricity and water and have been staying here for couple of weeks at the time. Khanom is always busy with tourists from other countries and Thai people from all over Thailand. It attracts different type of people who enjoy clean beaches, slow life pace and beautiful nature. My rule number 1 for starting a business in Thailand (something like a restaurant) was to cater to Thai people first as they are the majority of the population and then get that extra bit from the seasonal foreigners visiting the country. Khanom is in season for tourists all year round so it's already a good start and a lot of visitors are from Thailand itself. People come here to escape the busy traffic in Phuket or BKK and Pattaya and enjoy the beautiful beaches and nature while it's still not ruined. It is more family friendly but it's going to get more busy. It is a good thing for business, if you want to make some money while you live here. It is also worth mentioning that Khanom is getting ready to open a shortcut road along the coast through the mountains between Suratthani and Nakhon Si Thammarat. They have already started to widen the roads in Khanom in preparation for this, to support all the traffic that is going to come through. It is going to be one of the most beautiful coastal roads in Thailand and should open by the end of the year. I am selling the land because of my work, we need to move back to Europe. We already have a place in Phuket and unfortunately we dont have the time to come to Khanom that often. It would be nice to keep it but we know we cannot stay here and take care of it. Our neighbors are nice enough to take care of the trees and water them if it hasn't been raining much in dry season. I am curious to see if we can get a good offer. I am reluctant to sell it however, as it is our dream home and we got very lucky to find this land. If you like to see more pictures, videos of the place or come and have a look at it yourself, please let me know by calling or texting to my number +66 62 804 6746 or my Wife Joy +66 94 938 7609.

Beautiful SeaView Land Plot Khanom Beach

Beautiful SeaView Land Plot Khanom Beach

  • 03 May 2019 : 09:50 am

Beautiful SeaView Land plot only 300 meters from beautiful Naiplao Beach.All plot have very beautiful view of khanom bay . South sea Island and Koh Samui.Around with Luxury resort .villas project and restaurant.only 20 minutes to Samui ferry. 1 hrs to Suratthani airport or Nakhonsi thammarat airport and about 45 minutes or less to Nakhon Si Thammarat Airport when new road to join khanom and sichon completed by December 2018 .

ขายที่ดิน ชายทะเล หน้าติดทะเล หลังติดถนน แปลงละประมาณ 200 ตารางวา

ขายที่ดิน ชายทะเล หน้าติดทะเล หลังติดถนน แปลงละประมาณ 200 ตารางวา

  • 29 Jun 2019 : 21:08 pm

ขายที่ดิน ชายทะเล หน้าติดทะเล หลังติดถนน แปลงละประมาณ 200 ตารางวา มี 2 แปลง เป็นที่ โฉนด ราคา ตารางวาละ 10,000 บาท หน้ากว้างติดทะเลประมาณ 20 เมตร ติดถนนลาดยางมะตอยประมาณ 20 เมตร ลึกประมาณ 40เมตร อยู่ จังหวัด นครศรีธรรมราช อ.ท่าศาลา ห่างสนามบิน 15 กม. ห้างสรรพสินค้า และ คณะแพทย์ ม.วลัยลักษณ์ 7 กม. จังหวัด นครศรีธรรมราช สนใจติดต่อ 092-3130550 หรือ 087-6650665