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Leica V109 black Top Camera superb Leica Picture

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Leica V109 black Top Camera superb Leica Picture Quality WiFi
For sell my Leica V109 fully working Body, Charger and black Leaher Half Case no Box
asking 12900 Baht only !
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For Panasonic / Olympus SLR Magic 35mm F/1.7 Lens in Box

For Panasonic / Olympus SLR Magic 35mm F/1.7 Lens in Box

  • 28 Mar 2021 : 00:33 am

Lens with User Manual (Quick Guide), two caps, Hood and Box. Look at photos. Fully tested in excellent working condition. EMS 30 baht, Cash on Delivery Available (COD เก็บเงินปลายทางได้) or meeting in North Pattaya. More photos and questions via Line ID: gnnick Compatible with: Micro Four Thirds Cameras, m4/3, Olympus, Matsushita (Panasonic, Lumix), DJI Zenmuse X5, Olympus Air, Kodak Pixpro S-1, Xiaomi YI M1 cameras, Blackmagic Cinema, Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K, Z Camera E1, Zcam E2, JVC GY-LS300 Video Cameras. Product description The SLR Magic 35mm f/1.7 lens is a multi coated manual prime lens that is made to work with the for the Micro Four Thirds Digital Cameras. What is really special about this lens is that it is very light weight (90g) and has six unique aperture blades. When wide open it produces silky smooth bokeh. When closed down to f2.8 it forms a special shape and the bokeh of the resulting photo start to swirl with a slight Lo-fi feel. When closed down to f8 it forms a unique square shaped aperture opening. In other words it is kind of likehaving three lenses in one! It is the signature of the SLR Magic lens and it is quite interesting. The lens is great for creative photography. A perfectly round aperture is achieved at f2 for the 35mm f1.7 lens so it is great to use as a portrait/normal lens The lens is a fully manual lens and it is a great lens for creative photographers who would like to take artistic photos with a shallow Depth of Field. It is easy to use Manual focus is easily achieved by the assista nce of x7-x14 zoom of MF Assistance function in Live View. Users are advised to use Aperture p riority (A mode) with this lens. User would have to select shoot w/o lens mode in the camera setting. More advanced users may use Manual mode (M mode) when using this lens for creative opportunities. It is also recommended to shoot in M mode when either the internal or external flash is used as TTL metering is not enabled in Aperture priority mode. A compact lens designed for Micro Four Thirds cameras, this 35mm f/1.7 Lens from SLR Magic provides a 35mm-equivalent focal length of 70mm and is characterized by its fast f/1.7 maximum aperture. Its unique design produces a sharp central area of the image, which is surrounded by a gradual blurring effect towards the edges of the frame. Manual focus and aperture selection affords complete control over the look of imagery and its lightweight, sleek form is well-paired for use with mirrorless cameras. Compact prime lens provides a 35mm-equivalent focal length of 70mm when used on Micro Four Thirds mirrorless cameras. Fast f/1.7 maximum aperture benefits working in difficult lighting conditions as well as offers greater selective focus control. Additionally, an all-glass lens construction affords notable image sharpness towards the center of the frame while allowing a unique blur to surround central subjects. Manual focus and manual aperture control. Slim form factor is complemented by a durable metal lens body.

Canon EF 85mm F1.2L II USM Professional L-series Lens

Canon EF 85mm F1.2L II USM Professional L-series Lens

  • 13 May 2021 : 22:32 pm

Made in Japan. Lens with two caps and hood Fully tested in very good working condition. 100% workable. Cosmetically, it has a lot of traces and scratches on body that don't affect quality of photos. Glasses have not scratch and fungus, a little dust only. S/n: last photo. EMS 50 baht, Cash on Delivery Available (COD เก็บเงินปลายทางได้) or meeting in North Pattaya. More photos and questions via Line ID: gnnick A lens developed from the EF85mm F / 1.2L USM that is considered to be the สูง high standard ´ lens for professional portraits. It offers best-in-class brightness and a beautiful out-of-focus effect. The curvature of the lens compensates for spherical aberration and other distortion. Including beautiful details and high contrast even at the aperture of f / 1.2. In addition, the floating lens mechanism The aberration variation is reduced at close-up and mid-range shots to get a sharp image. Consistent quality at every shooting distance Makes the increase in autofocus speed meet the needs of professionals. Faster central processing unit (CPU) and optimized autofocus algorithms. This allows the lens to focus on capturing fast images instantly. The lens can also be used to take impressive portraits. Due to the depth of field of f / 1.2 aperture with manual focus for better adjustment, Canon also effectively reduces flare and ghosting caused by digital cameras. Adjusting the placement and coating of the lenses inside. The circular aperture was used to reduce the defocusing of the lens at the maximum aperture of f / 1.2. This is one of the best lenses for professional photographers. Whether it is a portrait Which gives a great melting effect or shoots nature in natural light. Filter size: 72mm Maximum aperture: f / 1.2 With ring-type ultrasonic motor (USM) An upgraded version of the EF85mm F/1.2L USM, widely deemed the ´gold standard´ for professional portrait work, this lens is the brightest in its class and offers beautiful out-of-focus effects. By virtue of its precisely ground aspherical lens, which adeptly compensates for spherical aberrations and other distortions, this lens displays exquisite detail and high contrast even at f/1.2. And with the incorporation of a floating lens mechanism, aberration fluctuations are substantially reduced at short and medium distance shots to ensure extremely sharp, quality images consistently at all shooting distances. We have also dramatically sped up AF performance in response to requests from professionals. A faster CPU and optimized AF algorithm allow the lens to focus instantaneously for reliable capture of fleeting photo opportunities. This lens is even more pleasant to use for portrait work because of the very shallow depth of field at f/1.2, coupled with full-time manual focusing for fine adjustment. Furthermore, Canon effectively reduced the flaring and ghosting common with digital cameras by optimizing internal lens placement and coatings. A circular aperture is also used to maximize the wonderful defocusing attributes of the lens at the maximum f/1.2 aperture. All told, this is the one lens that can meet the toughest demands of professional photographers, whether shooting female portraits with a masterful blur effect or natural scenes in natural lighting. Filter size: 72mm Max aperture: f/1.2 With ring USM motor