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Mae Rim Premium House under Construction

  • Mae Rim
  • 24 Jul 2021 : 18:56 pm
  • ID: 257146
  • Property Type: House / Villa
  • Number of Bedrooms: 3
  • Number of Bahtrooms: 3
  • Furnished: --
  • Property Size: --
  • Land Size: --

Ad Description

Structures can be owned outright and consequently sold and traded by a foreigner providing the land is part of a lease made out to that foreigner. In the event of selling a structure at a future time a new lease must be re issued at that time and juncture. Please reference the Paragraph on Land in add number 296629, which explains options on other possible land arrangements within our project (Recommended, Chiang Mai Lawyer Siam Legal)

On offer, a Premium Hillside, Lanna House Construction, directly opposite Premburi. It lays as a two storey Lanna Style Design @ 340sqm interior living spaces, with opulence's planned within and all abound. Details of which are available. There are two other sections to the house, explained further on.

This build will be neighbored by an adjacent high end House which is currently residence to the Owner, reference add number 296398 (Build1).

Of special interest and on bonus, a 1.4 rai green space and garden zone separating and buffering between the two residences. Referred to as The Hill it is also partially set and in place, reference add number 296629 (The Hill).

So far on this offering the land has been modeled, some hardscape is in, some landscaping, most house foundation work and infrastructures basing are also in place. The existing building plan and ground planning can be customized further adding to living space if desired and overall grounds.

Two other sections relating to the main house are also partially in and including an Oversized Double Garage measuring 9mx9 @81sqm with wonderful ceiling height and clearances of 1.8 meters, a basement and hobby area (wine cellar, cold room, storages, work shop, your choice) @74sqm with large double entrance ways accessible from the garage, ceiling heights here are less.

Benefiting above the garage, a large terrace with varying design possibilities also @ 9x9. Pool space of 5mx12 is on option and has been planned for. The Pool lies adjacently as to complement the terrace area and is sure to provide leisure and peaceful views within the setting. The terrace space can be lessened and an extended living space can be put in place like a gym, studio, aerobic or dance ballroom, snooker ect and according to needs and desire'

The construction was brought up along thus far as to save time in order to achieve a reasonable delivery time not commonly associated with Custom or High end builds. A year from the signing of contracts as to reach an habitable interior space will be required. Realistically more time to detail and complete afterwards. Likewise the options touched upon and work to the grounds will require more time as to complete as this build encompasses a lot more than four walls and a house on a flat surface.

The current status of the overall properties and grounds lie in a pleasant state as to experience. Allowing for walk around's in and about as to plan and communicate the objectives in mind. Fancy brochures will hardly suffice and we have none to speak off. We welcome comparison with Azaya Villas Chiang Mai (photos in Onedrive) as this is the closest competition to our build and area.

Asking 35,000 baht per sqm on the main house build, adding in the square footage of the other two sections the basement, garage /terrace, for a total of 495 sqm at a near rate. All of the existing construction work that is already in place is included within this building contract calculation.

On bonus all current infrastructures in place, modeling of the land, garden spaces that are already in and necessary drainage's begun and set up for next stages (photos in Onedrive).

Lot and land size is still under consideration, the building contract does not include Land Arrangements.

I like to refer to this add as The Lanna House or Build2'
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