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Man Of Siam Thailand's Shaving Shop

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Man Of Siam is Thailand's premium wet shave shop. We retail the finest wet shaving equipment available in Thailand. Partnering with MÜHLE of Germany and Jack Jarvis, Premium face care products, we retail DE safety razors, Shaving sets, Shaving brushes, Shaving soaps, and wet shave accessories. With partnerships spanning from Australasia through to Europe, we will continue to source and retail the best shaving products a man can buy.

Currently in stock the MÜHLE R89 - R41 - R89 Grande - R89 Twist, as well as traditional shaving sets, Rytmo Steamed Ash shaving set, Hexagon by Mark Braun and more. Safety razors and shaving brushes to suit every budget and taste. Jack Jarvis - Man of Siam is a premium shaving soap now available in store. All prices include all taxes, and you are buying at a local price - No shipping fee's from Europe - No import duties. All inclusive.

If you are a wet shave enthusiast or have thought about joining the wet shave community, there is no better shave than a shave using a MÜHLE product. MÜHLE has been providing the world with shaving excellence since 1945 and is now firmly embedded in Thailand. Do yourself a favor, and choose to shave with a MÜHLE. DE Safety razors starting at 1490 Baht delivered to your door by Kerry Express. Free Shipping on all products purchased over 1000 Baht.
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