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Many birds for sale

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Because my age and too many work we have to stop our hobby to raise birds and chicken and move to a smaller house
we sell our birds for best prices possible and hope they find a new good home
redwing macaw normal price 120.000 baht now 70.000 Baht
breeding pair blue/gold macaw with eggs normal price 120.000 baht now 80.000 baht
3 electus macaw normal 40.000 baht for 1 now 80.000 for 3
2 pair mandarin ducks ready to make eggs normal 10.000 for 1 pair now 6000 baht
20 lahore pigeons normal 1500 baht for one now 800 baht for one
12 withe pigeon normal price 1200 baht now 800 baht
many sun conure birds normal 5000 baht now 3000 baht
many lovebirds normak 800 baht now 400 baht
many giant brahma chicken 3 week old 300 baht more than 10 months 5000 baht
for nore info or pictures send us a mail
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