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Master your WordPress experience with Premium video courses

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Get access to 50+ Premium Wordpress video courses through your own account from the world's largest e-learning platform.

You get instant access and can start to learn how to create and develop Wordpress websites for Blogs, e-Commerce, Business, Online Marketing, SEO and anything else you need to know for running an online business.

Price per course is being sold for up to THB 7.800, here you get instant access to 50+ Wordpress video courses for THB 8.750, and you have access for lifetime.

Remember, this offer is not just some files to download, while you follow one of the many courses available, you can contact the instructor of each course with any question you may have.

We will provide you with more courses as it will be available and add to your account.

We will provide you with login details, email account, and password, and you have full control of your e-learning platform account.

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Excel is much more than a worksheet(Read More)

Excel is much more than a worksheet(Read More)

  • 15 Feb 2020 : 12:47 pm

About 1.3 billion people are using Microsoft Office and with that also Excel and for most people excel is only used for calculation inside a worksheet. There is so much more than you can do to extent the use of Excel that people don't know about or afraid to start doing. 3 area where you can extend your use of Excel 1. VBA Code and Macro 2. Dashboard 3. Power BI Report VBA Code and Macro you can extend the functionality of your work, or even build application inside Excel environment. Dashboard extends your visually looks and feels about your data, it is like having an index where you summary important numbers for an easy overview. Power BI Report lets you build visual reports that you can share with Clients, Partner or others to let them see what you are doing. Altogether, using these features will deeply increasing how you feel about work with Excel. Because of every job on Excel is different, we will give you an overhead of cost to bringing your excel to a new level. Kind Regards AWS

1800+ Video Courses Start your learning process now

1800+ Video Courses Start your learning process now

  • 17 Feb 2020 : 15:35 pm

2020 has been described of the year of learning We offer access to more than 1800 video courses divided into more than 70 collections, and sale is done per collection The price per video course is a maximum of THB 150 depending on the number of courses in a collection. Important, you are not downloading files, by purchasing a video course collection you get access to an account where you can access all courses from that account, and you can communicate with instructors with any question you may have, you are not left alone. Here you have a list of collection available 3D Animation All Business Adobe Affiliate Marketing Amazon Android App Developer Bootstrap Business C Programming C# C++ Christianity Cloud Crypto Currency CSS Database Design DOT.Net Dropshipping eCommerce eCommerce 2 Email Marketing Engineering Exam Excel Facebook Forex Trading Game Development Google Hacking HTML Instagram Java Javascript Leadership & Coaching Lifestyle Linkedin Machine Learning MSOffice MySQL Online Marketing Photoshop PHP Pinterest Python Programming Python II Sales Security and Network SEO Shopify SocialMedia Twitter Unity Video Marketing Viral Marketing Web Design Whatsapp WooCommerce Wordpress Youtube Reply to us with your selected collection and we will calculate your price, but it will never exceed THB 150 per course. Kind Regards Educate Me

Microsoft Office Styled Software Development

Microsoft Office Styled Software Development

  • 07 Feb 2020 : 09:56 am

We will create your Customer Relationship Management software system as a Microsoft Office styled solution with all of your requirement including Company information Customer management Suppliers Contact Project Employees Timesheets Invoices Receipts Expenses Salaries High level of security Licensing system Any kind of information management can be developed, and you don't need internet, it is the same feeling, as when you daily open your Microsoft Office Suite. If you plan of resale or distribution of your software solution, we can build licensing for each copy and even create a trial version, that as an example will run for 30 days before it expires. Also, smaller software system handling Customer and order, customer payment, Real estate Management, Conference Management, Property Management, Travel, Hotel Management, Property Rental Management, Restaurant Reservation is just a few examples of what is available, the limit is only your imagination We have more than 1000 data model that can be used for your next software package development. It is fully customizable work, and price and delivery time will be negotiable Kind Regards AWS

partners for Social Media Agency

partners for Social Media Agency

  • 04 Mar 2020 : 14:48 pm

Start a Social Media Agency business, or if you already have set up agency for delivery Social Media Services, I am interested in your partnership for worldwide business. Some of the services we want to provide is : Create Facebook Tabs to show their product etc. on their Facebook page. Create social articles for publishing/Re-publish to social media accounts. Social Media Competitive Analysis. Facebook Benchmark Comparision ad performance report. Create Facebook Ads Account Audit. Create Facebook Ads Campaigns. Running Facebook advertising campaigns. Creating Facebook advertising campaign graphics. Creating Facebook advertising campaign motion post. Create Social Media Analytics reports. Create Facebook Bots/Funnel system(Very effective). Video Ads Creation Link Building SEO Website Development Online Marketing Leads Funnel pages Lead Capture page We already have $7.000 purchased software to deliver these services, so only a few additional costs for other software tools is expected. The cost for business setup will be needed unless you already have a business running. Please contact me for more information Kind Regards Business4profit