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  • Bang Kapi
  • 10 Feb 2020 : 11:02 am
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Life Time member card from Hillary Group & Bars in Soi 4. Comes with 10% discount privileges during Happy Hours.
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  • 17 Mar 2020 : 16:36 pm

We are going to stop our activities in Thailand, so we would like to propose you a batch of natural anti hair loss products for sale at cost. This product is a natural hair treatment for women with proven efficacy (test report available), formulated with PROCAPIL. It is manufactured in Spain exclusively by a Laboratory with over 35 years of experience and professional prestige (ISO 9001 Certification, ISO 22716 Certification, BSI and ECOCERT accredited). The products are Thai FDA approved. The batch is of 4,900 bottles of 75 ml with 2 types of sprayer and 1 outer box. Price per unit is at 109.00 THB excl. VAT (cost price) Retail price is at 790.00 THB Expiry date of the batch: 10 November 2021. For more information please visit our Website

Microbial Fats Degradation and Micro-Blaze F.O.G Wastewater Treatment

Microbial Fats Degradation and Micro-Blaze F.O.G Wastewater Treatment

  • 01 Mar 2020 : 09:26 am

Microbial Fats Degradation and Micro-Blaze F.O.G Wastewater Treatment From innovative nanotechnology Is a natural microbes (Grease trap) suitable for wastewater treatment Cafeteria and industrial plants Helps with biochemical decomposition Of organic substances and hydrocarbons, VOCs, reduce Oil & Grease values, TSS, BOD, COD and NH3N Reduce the amount of organic sludge in the water. Controlling the blue-green algae Micro-Blaze F.O.G contains as many as 193,000 million cells per liter. Can change the waste water to good quality In treating industrial waste water Called 'biological odor treatment', which is the use of microbes to decompose odorous substances. By passing gas from the bottom into the tower or treatment tank which Contains media that has microbes attached Which will absorb, absorb, diffuse and degrade molecules of the odorant substance Currently, microbes are used to treat wastewater from industrial plants. The advantage of using microorganisms is low cost, easy to save energy. Highly flexible, able to support concentrated conditions Of changeable substances No pollution in other forms occurs as a burden for treatment. And when the waste water treatment microbes are fully functional Will cause the reaction to decompose completely Waste or foul odor will be eliminated in the end. Waste generated from various industrial plants is varied in different types according to the type of industrial plants such as smoke, exhaust, sewage, chemicals, heavy metals and waste water etc. Micro-Blaze F.O.G is suitable for use in industrial plants and industrial estates, fish meal factories, canned fish plants. Vegetable oil factories, condominiums, hotels, markets, restaurants or restaurants, nursing homes Shopping malls or department stores. Swine, pig, chicken. Farm. Rubber. Waste incinerator. Incinerator. Incinerator incinerator. Cement factory Fuel depot, etc. The efficiency of the microbes to be obtained * Eliminate bad smell quickly * Prevent and fix sluggish toilet problems * Wastewater treatment from households and communities meets standards required by law. * Reduce the amount of cockroaches in the septic tank * Helps save the cost of pumping sewage * Treat water to be suitable for aquatic life * Decompose sludge in the bottom of the pond such as shrimp pond, fish pond, treatment pond * Decompose the fat in the pipe line, grease trap and grease trap * Degradation of sewage Increase the efficiency of organic decomposition in the small wastewater treatment system. * Reduce the amount of hydrogen sulphide gas Ammonia gas Available in many sizes Bottle 250 ml. Price 499 (Trial size) 1 liter bottle, normal price 1,300, reduced to 1,200 baht 5 liter small gallon, normal price 6,500, reduced to 6,000 baht Large gallon 18.925 liters. Normal price 24,602.50 baht. Promotion reduced to 22,000 baht. Price includes VAT Free delivery in Thailand Cash on delivery via kerry More info Line ID: saveenvi Contact us: Email: contact Safe En Wai Ron Co., Ltd. 111/35 Soi Bueng Khwang 6, Bueng Khwang Road, Saen Saeb Sub-district, Min Buri District, Bangkok 10510 Call 02-0376799 Fax 02-0376799 Mobile Phone 0642922934 and 0852458156 The best hotline on the market Call 085-2458156 Khun Ratchata Clogged fat, grease trap, rotten waste, Micro-Blaze, Micro-Blaze, Deodorize, Microbes, Microbes, Wastewater Treatment, Biotechnology, Organic Farming, Biodegradable

Mana Diet 290 free Delivery

Mana Diet 290 free Delivery

  • 24 Feb 2020 : 13:49 pm

Mana Diet Helps to make full faster But eating delicious food as before Help block new items Burn antiques Causing to lose weight from the source 1 box contains 10 tablets. Can be eaten for 2 days. Take 2 pills at a time, 30 minutes before a heavy meal. Recipe fast. Eat 2 lunch tablets, 2 tablets dinner. Reduce 1-2 lots, 490 (2 boxes) 3-4 discounts for 890 890 (4 boxes) Reduce 4-5 locates 1650 (8 boxes) Reduce 5-10 lots 2990 (16 boxes) Interested in buying line: @ manaskincareth88 (with @)