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Mini Bowling Lanes

  • Sathon
  • 01 Aug 2018 : 11:48 am
  • ID: 333077

Ad Description

The Number 1 Mini Bowling brand in the world, QUBICA-AMF is now available in Thailand !

Easy set up, hassle free, various themes available. Super deal with great discount on the very first order.

The system of Mini bowling uses a strings to the pins (unlike traditional bowling) which means the maintenance is very easy.
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Rhino Pool Table

Rhino Pool Table

  • 17 Sep 2018 : 02:22 am

Based on the hugely popular Metro design the Black Rhino is a great looking table that most players in Thailand and across SEA will already be familiar with. Each and every table is built to an exacting standard. The top quality fireproof laminate is imported from the USA, the 25mm slate is from one of the top slate production facilities in Asia and the hardwood that we use for the frame will last for 20 years or more. The Black Rhino looks great in homes in bars - the design is both timeless and flexible. They can withstand 12 hours + of play a day in commercial venues over many years, but also look equally in place in homes, on terraces or in games room. The standard and recommended configuration uses the excellent Andy Pro Tour Cloth (Electric Blue) and Cyclop Zeus balls – Cyclop Hyperion balls are available as an upgrade for 2500 Baht. We strongly believe that with the Black Rhino we have created the perfect table for the Thailand market. For the price point nothing else you can buy here will play as well, look as good or last as long as these tables. *Above price is for the 7ft Rhino table.

Bladefish 5000 Powerfull Underwater Scooter

Bladefish 5000 Powerfull Underwater Scooter

  • 04 Aug 2018 : 11:51 am

Selling my Bladefish 5000 Powerfull Underwater Scooter, It has never been used ! Kevlar and very light. Never touched the water, I don't have time to use it. Comes in box with all the accessories. Perfect for diving in the south. THB 14,000 Here are some reviews : I've seen some of the other "competitor reviews" and had to chime in... First off there obviously talking about three different models. The BF 1000, 2000 and 3000 are single speed.. BF 4000 is twin speed and the BF 5000 is 3 speed. like any other business, Bladefish improve the model line with time.. I purchased two of the Bladefish 5000 Seajets, 3 speed models and have had nothing but success over the past 4 years. I was so impressed that I purchased another one recently to have when the other two finally conk out. The three speed model is great for scuba, speeds are amazing considering the size of the unit and the weight of me and the gear.. adds 30% to your dive times without using a bigger tank. 4 years of use on this type of unit is outstanding! It does require certain Maintenance and Common Sense. The Lithium ion Batteries are excellent! "You must maintain charge the when not in use".. Never had any motherboard issues, they can be attributed to moisture.. "Change the O-rings" The owner's manual is not just useless packing material! These lithium batteries are replaceable with a little research and know how. These SeaJets were great Investments and I would purchase again.. if you can still find a BF5000 new or well-maintained, Buy Buy! I hate to read reviews that are incorrect or damaging to a great company, when issues are clearly caused by purchaser neglect or unreasonable expectations!

Literally Brand New Mountain Bike Trek X Caliber 9 Bicycle

Literally Brand New Mountain Bike Trek X Caliber 9 Bicycle

  • 27 Jul 2018 : 14:54 pm

Just bought this bike today (July 23rd 2018 (have receipt) and it is too big. Literally rode it for 15 minutes and 2km and I cannot keep it, hurts my back. Trek changed the size schemes from previous generations and it's 2 inches too long for me. Size of frame is 18.5 inches. PLEASE READ SIZE CHART BEFORE INQUIRING Price 30k, NON-NEGOTIABLE DO NOT BOTHER TO ASK front & rear cat-eye lights and splash guards. Comes with manual and disc and full service plan at bike shop near Lumpini Park.