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Mosquito net for baby, free standing & foldable.

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Mosquito net for baby, free standing & foldable. Rarely used & in perfect condition.
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14 original Champagne glasses from the Bellmansro Restaurant in Sthlm

14 original Champagne glasses from the Bellmansro Restaurant in Sthlm

  • 18 Sep 2021 : 05:11 am

14 original Champagne glasses from the Bellmansro Restaurant in Stockholm Sweden. 80 to a 100 years old. Extremely collectible in like new condition. Bellmansro was a restaurant north of Oakhill Palace on Djurgården island in Stockholm, which opened as a catering hall in 1828. The restaurant's eventual name reflected its proximity to Johan Niclas Byström's bust of Carl Michael Bellman that was dedicated on July 26, 1829. For much of its history Bellmansro was a tavern, but in the late 19th century it became a restaurant with food service. By the early 1900s the establishment had fallen into disrepute. The building burned to the ground May 13, 1952. History : The confectioner Carlmark had already in 1827 obtained a serving permit for a "refreshment place" near the place where the Bellman bust was to be erected. His restaurant was then a Swiss in a simple gazebo called Carlmarks. After the inauguration of the Bellmans bust, Carlmarks became a very popular place during the summer, especially on Bellmans Day, which was celebrated every year on 26 July. In 1833, the gazebo was converted into a pavilion where Carlmark ran its business for several decades. The business was eventually taken over by the confectioner Sundberg who turned the small patisserie into an inn under the name Bellmansro. He ran Bellmansro in the 1860s and 1870s and was succeeded by the cellar master Mårten Nilsson. He had Bellmansro rebuilt with, among other things, magnificent stairs and a larger terrace and tidied up the garden. Before the Stockholm Exhibition in 1897, he expected an invasion of guests and also rebuilt indoors. In 1905 he sold Bellmansro for SEK 200,000 to a wife Thèrese Hacksell. She set up "chambres séparés" in the house and the restaurant gained a swaying reputation, and could even be referred to as an "immorality nest". She was arrested in 1914 for "keeping a house where fornication was practiced". She managed with a fine, but the incident caused a great deal of attention in the press. Bellmansro was also a place for the in-crowd such as movie stars and other famous and infamous people. Greta Garbo was there etc. The restaurant was run by Sten Hellberg under the auspices of the restaurateur and art patron. He acquired the place in 1936 and turned it into a luxury restaurant with expensive furnishings and space for 500 people indoors and 2,000 people if you include the outdoor restaurant. Bellmansro then belonged to Hellman's restaurant empire, which also included the Brända Tomten and the Bäckahästen. When Hellman died in 1947, the business was taken over by Knut Lindqvister, who shortly afterwards sold Bellmansro on. The building suffered significant smoke and water damage in a fire on 13 May 1952. The ruin was left unattended for several more years until a new fire broke out on 17 August 1955, this time mainly in an extension. Only then were the buildings leveled. The glasses will be packaged carefully in order to arrive safely at the destination.A very unique antique collection for a collector who appreciates the magic history of this reputable restaurant...