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Chiang Rai Saddlebags and Biker Gear has a good stock of high quality saddlebags, front bags, sissy bar bags and others. Saddlebags start at 1,950 baht. We stock a variety of bag sizes, from small bags for your Finos or Dreams to very large bags for the largest bikes. Visit our website to have a better look at our stock and let us know what we can send to you via mail order. Some items may show out of stock but we can usually get any bag we order within a couple of days. And of course, we also offer sport bike tank bags and panniers.

We also stock tail racks, top boxes, Assero brand motorcycle clothing and much more.

There is no need to go on a ride without the extras you may need or want.

EMS shipping for mail order service is worry free. We have never had an item lost or undelivered. Chiang Rai Saddlebags and Biker Gear ships more motorcycle saddlebags throughout Thailand than anyone else in Thailand. Give us a try.
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Assero Motorcycle Riding Gear at Chiang Rai Saddlebags

Assero Motorcycle Riding Gear at Chiang Rai Saddlebags

  • 13 Aug 2018 : 07:25 am

Chiang Rai Saddlebags and Biker Gear stocks and and is an authorized dealer for Assero Motorcycle Riding Gear. This is western quality riding gear without the unreliable process and tax surprises of ordering from western countries. Best of all, Asseror gear is sized for western riders. They also make ladies gear in the same quality. Pants: Assero’s motorcycle pants are the garment the company was founded on. It was in north Thailand that we began the search for motorcycle gear that was both suitable for the hot and humid climate and which offered protection from the sun, wind, rain, and occasional scuff. The fabric we use is a Nylon 6.6 uncoated Cordura 1000D. It is the highest grade of Nylon and results in a textile which is soft to the touch and which has a loose weave that allows air to flow through the entire garment. It is strong, abrasion resistant and highly durable. Assero motorcycle pants are more comfortable and cooler than any motorcycle jeans made of denim. And far more durable. Jackets: We like motorcycle jackets that are versatile. Sometimes we want to go for a bike ride, other times we want to ride to a café or a restaurant or just hang-out with friends. That's why we make a range of jackets, some with high visibility and obvious motorcycle specific features, and others which are more low-key, which conceals their specialization. Subtle and sophisticated, these "stealth" jackets have no extra seams, superfluous pockets, or gaudy graphics. Most of our hot weather motorcycle jackets are constructed from abrasion resistant Cordura 1000D. With the look of a 12oz canvas, this Nylon 6.6 fabric has superlative technical features. It is made to Assero's specification with a loose weave for maximum air-flow and a soft "feel" for comfort. The fibres have a water repellant finish, and the dye chemistry meets ISO 105 Grade 4 for wash, UV, and perspiration resistance. Air flows through the entire body of Assero jackets. In addition, we put in mesh panels and carefully designed vents so our jackets are more comfortable and cooler than any motorcycle jackets made of leather or denim. And this is done without compromising safety. Where we use mesh within the garment we add the Assero Safety Webbing System (ASWS), one inch webbing that runs behind mesh panels. In the event of an accident the webbing stops the panels from separating. We are the only motorcycle gear manufacturer with this feature. All of our motorcycle jackets are engineered to perform way beyond conventional clothing in terms of tensile strength, seam strength, and abrasion resistance. For example, where we include an Assero Safety Seam it contains a concealed seam sewn beneath the outer fabric. The outer fabric is then folded over the safety seam and sewn down. This lapped construction provides huge strength and protects the internal seam from abrasion - and the rider in the event of an accident. Armor: To round out safety, our motorcycle jackets include certified EN 1621-1 SAS-TEC shoulder and elbow protectors. They also include a rear pocket for a SAS-TEC hot weather back protector and a concealed rear zip to fasten to motorcycle pants. Assero body armor is tough, flexible and comfortable to wear. Pick and choose additional armor pieces and inserts to fit your riding style. EMS shipping throughout Thailand with tracking number. Please visit our website often, as there is always something new at Chiang Rai Saddlebags and Biker Gear. And as always, feel free to stop in and browse, discuss products you would like to see in our store or just stop in for an air-conditioned rest and a free cup of coffee or a free refreshing cold drink. Chiang Rai Saddlebags and Biker Gear IS the friendliest motorcycle accessories shop you will visit. We have a nice selection of in-stock saddlebags, tank bags, panniers, etc. in the north of Thailand and we add new products constantly. We stock jackets, pants, riding armor, steel chrome accessories, gloves, big-bike dress items and more. Thanks to Baht & Sold for this ad space. Baht & Sold is our number one advertising source in Thailand, giving us many more hits per ad than others do and continuously providing us with more sales than any other advertising source, paid or free. If you have something to sell, please go to Baht & Sold to get it done.