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We sell two magnificent mountain bikes, FELT DISPATCH 7/60 (all black, stickers and logo are glossy black and applied on the matte black frame).

The bicycles are in perfect condition, like new and currently not used.

Two sizes as shown in the photos with the small frame suitable for a person around 160 CM., While the larger one is suitable for a 175 CM person. about.

For those who purchase both bicycles, a free bicycle rack for pick-ups, SUVs MPVs worth about 7,000 THB.

The bicycles are sold separately at a price of 15,000 THB each.

The (aluminium) bicycle rack costs 3,000 THB.

In the case of purchase of both bikes, the aluminium rack, worth 7,000 THB is free, while the price of both bikes drops to 26,000 THB.

For more technical information, you can visit the FELT link, below.

The bicycles are in Siracha.
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