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Multi media, subscription based, Internet Business for sale

  • Job Type: Monthly
  • Salary Type: Full Time
  • Salary Range: 100,000 +
  • Nationality: any

Job Description

Multi marketing software business for sale. is a multimedia cloud based business solution for small to midsize
business. Capable of handling 1,000 subscribers. Upgradable to any requirements.
You can set the monthly subscription fees.
Over 35,000 usd invested and 5 years development. Go to the site to see the features.
Ready for launch. All video tutorials completed and payment gateway
Great retirement business for the right person. $ 15,000. usd. I will stay on in a support role for a fee and assist with during the transition.
My developer will assist in communication with your tech people of will stay on as the developer.

To assess the value ask a developer what it would cost to replicate the functionality of from scratch.

A ton a features, great as a supplement to your retirement. Ready to launch.

$ 15,000. usd negotiable

Rob (+66) 0829-327-933 Thailand Indo china time +66
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Interested in starting a You Tube channel

Interested in starting a You Tube channel

  • 01 Apr 2021 : 11:41 am

Hi are you interested in starting a You Tube channel. Most tubers struggle without making any money but there is a course that spells it all out and really gets into the mechanics of how to put the channel together and how to interpret the stats regardless of the subject matter so your channel does what most channels don't - MAKE MONEY !!! The course cost a little under $ 1,000. usd so I wanted to get 3 or 4 people together and split the cost of the course. We could have a mastermind group and help each other with our channels if only for studying the course material and offering moral support. I have a lot of video experience and have a working knowledge in Camtasia, Powerpoint, sound software and snag it. I realize that each of us will have different themes and content but the mechanics of how to make money with your channel is the same regardless. If you need a supplementary income and want to have a few laughs in the process contact me at 0829-327-933 Rob Once again I am NOT SELLING A COURSE !! I want to find 3 - 4 people and split the cost of the course so we can all benefit and support each other as we grow.