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My War Killing Time in Iraq Colby Buzzell..

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An extraordinary account of the war in Iraq.

'Once we passed the checkpoint at the border, it hit me. I was like, Holy Shit, this is it, I'm entering a combat zone. Cool!'

At twenty-six Colby Buzzell, unemployed and living at home, decided to join the US Army.

Within months he was in Iraq, a machine gunner in the controversial Stryker Brigade Combat Team, an army unit on the cutting edge of combat technology and the first of its kind.

Trapped amid 'guerrilla warfare, urban-style' in Mosul, Iraq, Buzzell was struck by the bizarre and often frightening world surrounding him.

He began writing a blog describing the war - not as being reported by CNN or official briefings - but as experienced by the soldier on the ground.

His story is a brutally honest and hard-hitting account of the absurdities of modern war. These are the real stories of the war: a firefight where the resistance came from 'men in black'; a night spent chain-smoking in the guard tower counting the tracer bullets being fired over the city; and the hesitation of a young soldier who had been passed around from platoon to platoon because he was too afraid to fight.

My War is a powerful story of a young man and a war, unlike any you have read before.
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