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New book: Thai prisons - scathing news newspapers fear to print

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Just published on Amazon. Author (15 books published) and Burmese girlfriend released from Thai prison in summer 2019. What started as a memoir of being imprisoned on bogus charges, ballooned into an expose of the despicable and thoroughly corrupt Thai prison police and justice system. Title: 1 Pill = 28 Years, subtitle: Thailand's Injustice System. 28 years imprisonment for 1 speed pill is not an anomaly - there are thousands of men and women imprisoned in Thailand for BS reasons. The book details, among other revelations, how US's DEA pays Thai officials to destroy thousands of lives. It may sound like a conspiracy theory, but it's true. It's also true that Thailand is #5 in the world for % of its citizens imprisoned. Perhaps not surprising that most folks rotting in prison are dark-skinned hill tribers (with zero access to lawyers), and over 90% are in for speed pills. One 23 year old got 23 years behind bars for one half of a speed pill, first offense.
Each prisoner gets about 6 sq.ft. of concrete floor space for 15 hours per 24 hrs. Arms and legs are draped over fellow inmates on each side. This book tells what Thai newspapers are not allowed (or afraid) to print. You can purchase from me (author) or from Amazon:
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