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Dear friends !
New shop BUYING UP in Pattaya !
Would you like sell fast ?
Would you like buy cheap ?
Their rates are already discounted,
but they are still always open to discuss,
so please do not hesitate to ask!
It is locates Pratamnak soi 6 hotel Jardin
100 meters from beach .

Want to check what we have?
Better check what we don't!

Read about us :
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SAY GOOD BYE TO COVID 19 in  your home, your car, your place

SAY GOOD BYE TO COVID 19 in your home, your car, your place

  • 02 Apr 2021 : 06:29 am

Finally say good bye to COVID 19, and other bacterias, viruses, fungus infestation and mold on aircons and surfaces, etc with iOzone. With our natural, on site generated iOzone treatment, we not just destroy the COVID 19 virus only for you, we also removing unwanted, bad smells, fungus infestation, mold on aircons and surfaces (black spots). Those molds are often really harmful for humans. Especially the elderies, childrens and ill peoples. iOzne removes as well smells like from: Tobacco smoke, pet‘s, aircons, rotten food, cooking smells, food procesing smells, damp clothes, old shoes, etc. Almost every where such as: Bathroom, living room, kitchen, wardrobes, shoe racks, fridge, office room, processing room, lounge, cantina, reastaurant, hotel room, guest room, show room, sales room, hair salon, beauty salon, etc. And yes of course, for your vehicles too, like: Sedann, Pick up, SUV, taxi, van, minivan, bus, minibus, classic cars and youngtimer. Just one single iOzone treatment is highly effective, long lasting and no harmful chemicals are left. Our iOzone reaches even the smallest cracks and then evaporates by itself and becomes normal ambient air. How does it works? iOzone traetment rooms or spaces do not have to be pre-treated, post-treated or cleared for an iOzone treatment. iOzone is a natural gas that can NOT be stored in bottles or cylinders. It mus be freshly produced on the site with a machine. Our service for you is: We are coming along to your place and run this machine at your place for 15 to 60 minutes. During this time the iOzone gas is reaching and disinfect all areas in that room. Then just open the doors and windows and the iOzone will become ambent air. And a fresh, pleasant smell of the air remains. No harmfull chemicals are left, no after treatmenat is neccesary. And the beauty is: The whole thing is also very cost efective. A single iOzone treatment starts with just THB 200,- Call us today for your iOzone treatment. Phone: 0855624236 Email: Facebook Link:¬if_t=scheduled_post_published&ref=notif

I will do lead generation to build your target email contact list

I will do lead generation to build your target email contact list

  • 18 May 2021 : 00:27 am

I am an expert, energetic, intelligent lead generator who can build your any kind of Email, Contact list. I will provide you 100% accurate data. Email contact list for: *Real state Agent/ Realtor/ Broker *Mortgage agent/ Lender/ Broker/ Loan officer *Auto Repair, HVAC, Beauty Salon, Roofers, Builders, Med Spa *Utility/ Contractor/ Electricians/ Home Decorator *Personal Trainer/ Gym/ Career Counselor/ Wedding Planner *Marriage/ Family / psychotherapists *Advertising & Marketing Company*Information technology*Educational Institute *Cruch*Architect*Hotel*Bank*Plumber*Law firm and also your targeted list. My Experience Area- -Lead Generation -LinkedIn Research -Email list building -Data entry -Prospect Development -Email Research -Company Research -Data Research -Internet Research -Web Research (Name of Organization, Website, Contact Name, Phone , Email Address, Twitter Address, Facebook and LinkedIn) My creativity will offer the most innovative solutions for your project that will 100% convert. Different packages: **Start Up Package: 1500 THB** I will build your 100 list from target contact or Business 100 Leads Included Formatting & Clean Up **Continuing Package: 4500 THB** I will build your 500 list target contact or Business 500 Leads Included Formatting & Clean Up **Perfect Package: 7500 THB** I will build your 1000 list target contact or Business 1000 Leads Included Formatting & Clean Up Reach the people you want!!