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New Membership websites business partner

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New Membership websites business setup, our offer is negotiable, and part payment is available.

We need a partner to a 10+ membership website business setup, 2 new membership business will be launched each month.

Membership system can easily turn into a real money machine with just 50 subscribers, so when numbers of subscribers increase to 250 that as an example pay $48 per month, then the business will make $12.000 per month.

We have just calculated with 10 subscribers in the first month, and our budget only expects to increase with 10 new subscribers per month.

With this calculation, we end up with 900 subscribers across all memberships sites et the end of 2020, and revenue of nearly THB 4.000.000.

As a side effect, creating this software application, they will also be sold to people individually, as a download or as a customer request.

Membership websites will be focussing on publishing monthly management software systems on different platforms and by using different programming languages.

Our latest addition to our membership portfolio is Excel which is highly rated tools used in both private as in business. It is estimated that Excel is used by 750 million and used in 89% of all businesses.

Depend on the plan subscribers purchase they will get valuable information, daily tips, shortcodes, function, snippets, VBA programming samples, Dashboard samples, and templates, PowerPI setup samples, fully functional software programmed with excel and VBA.

We have spent the last couple of months to find free source code, that we will use as a base to update and redesign each piece of software to make it appealing for people to subscribe to our membership sites.

We expect that we in average need 3 days to update each software before it wil be published.

Membership websites that are planned be launched in 2020

NEW 0. Excel
(Tutorial, Dashboard, PowerPI, Macro, VBA, Managed Solutions)
After what plan subscribers have selected, they have access to tips, tricks, snippets, programming, full solutions

1. Software developed using C# Web
2. Software developed using C# Web with Blazor
3. Software developed using C# Desktop
4. Software developed using C++
5. Software developed using VB Web
6. Software developed using VB Desktop
7. Software developed using PHP
8. Software developed using Java
9. Software developed using Android
10. Software developed using Python

In addition to revenue what each membership website will earn, we will also create an online store to sell each item that we create for membership sites.

Most software that will be used in development has either been purchased or is free, for developing software with great design, we need to purchase some Extention for our development tools.

If you are a serious investor that want to be part of a membership business, let us discuss, offer is negotiable

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