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NEW YEAR SALE! Robin Williams Live on Broadway DVD

  • Prawet
  • 30 Jan 2021 : 16:03 pm
  • ID: 391423

Ad Description

What can you say about Robin Williams...other than he was THE BEST?!?! I still am saddened by his death and it's hard to register that he's no longer with us. And to watch this stand-up, or any other's of his, it's just so hard to believe that a man that can make you laugh until you wet your pants was so depressed...well, it just makes it all the more harder to comprehend.
Robin Williams was the master at improv. This man can make a joke come to life by simply using his wit, his personality, definitely his Scottish and/or French accents (hahahahaha!!!)...and a simple bottle of water!
RIP Mr. Williams. You were the greatest!

Although he is gone, his DVDs live on.

Note: may be shipped within Thailand for an additional cost

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