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OPPO AirVOOC Wireless Charger 45W

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OPPO AirVOOC Wireless Charger 45W
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Model:OPPO 45W AirVOOC Wireless Charger
Connectors: TYPE-C USB
Input: 5V--4A 9V--2A 10V--6.5A 20V--3.25A Max
Output: 45W Max
Weight: 460g
In the Box: 1 AirVOOC Wireless Charger, 1 TYPE-C USB Cable, 1 Guide Book

1. The AirVOOC wireless charger can charge Find X3 Pro 45% in 30 minutes.
2. The AirVOOC wireless charger supports a maximum of 45W charging output. The charger box will not include any adapter for charging but it includes Type-A to Type-C cable that can be used with 18W, 20W, and 65W adapters for charging.
3. The OPPO AirVOOC wireless charger can support up to 45W output. However, the maximum speeds are only compatible with devices with AirVOOC tech. Whereas, devices with support for Qi charging protocol are limited to 15W only.
4. The charging stand is vertical in design but phones can be placed both vertically and horizontally. Further, the charger will able to charge the phones at the maximum speed with a case that has a thickness of less than 2mm.
5. The AirVOOC charger has six protections for over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current, over-temperature, electrostatic, and foreign body detection. The charger also includes a fan to keep the temperature down while charging.
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