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Organic Farm Help (Manger?) Regenerative Agriculture/Permaculture

  • Mae Taeng
  • 24 Sep 2021 : 21:46 pm
  • ID: 439798
  • Job Type: Monthly
  • Salary Type: Full Time
  • Salary Range: will negotiate
  • Nationality: open

Job Description

Developing an organic farm and education/training center, focused on the principles and practices of regenerative agriculture and permaculture, and need help with the farm work, as well as with building simple structures.

Experience is not as important as attitude and ambition; we are willing to include the right person in profit-sharing. You need to have a least basic building skills, and a love of the earth, gardening and helping to create a more sustainable world.

Must have at least basic English skills; I speak a little Thai; Google Translate can facilitate more complicated language.

Company Infomation

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