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Original Stern Mechanical Pinball : Stranger Things Pro or Premium Ed.

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“Stranger Things is one of the most successful shows of all time, connecting with people around the world and across generations. This game features action, mystery, suspense, and humor; Stranger Things is a perfect fit for pinball,” said Gary Stern, Chairman and CEO of Stern Pinball, Inc.

Experience the terrifying forces in Hawkins, Indiana that turn this small town “upside down” with supernatural elements, strange sightings, and government secrets. Stranger Things pinball machines will immerse players in a search to unravel the extraordinary mysteries and secret government experiments taking place at the Hawkins National Laboratory. The gameplay focuses on unlocking the hidden meanings of supernatural events occurring in and around the town, including the appearance of a girl known as “Eleven” with telekinetic abilities. The ball is wild as Mike, Lucas, Dustin, Will, Joyce, and Police Chief Jim Hopper help Eleven close the dimensional gate.

The Pro & Premium Edition models all feature distinct hand-drawn art in addition to the custom sculpted, interactive Demogorgon bash toy, guarded by drop targets and a rotating ramp. All models include two hideout ball scoops, a Demodog spinner, three custom ramps, and game rules that will transport players into the Upside Down.

The Premium Edition model feature a first ever video projector that displays images and animations directly on the playfield, creating dramatic interactions with gameplay action. The center of the playfield features a unique ramp that doubles as a screen and leads the player into a direct battle with the Demogorgon. This model also feature a new Eleven themed “telekinetic” magnetic ball lock.

Pro model 320k baht
Premium model 375k baht
Free delivery and installation in Bangkok
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