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Ozito 3 in 1 Electric Leaf Blower, Vacuum and Mulcher

  • Phuket
  • 20 Apr 2021 : 16:24 pm
  • ID: 426259

Ad Description

Ozito 3 in 1 Electric Leaf Blower, Vacuum and Mulcher in as new condition.
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The innovation of rubber tiles from European standard and Roof ASA PVC

The innovation of rubber tiles from European standard and Roof ASA PVC

  • 07 Nov 2020 : 13:40 pm SCHON, the innovation of rubber tiles from European standard, thickness 5.8 mm. With 2 series 1. SPC Click Locks in wood grain, size 180 x 1220 mm. 1 wooden box with 10 sheets of 2.20 sqm. Price 799 baht X 2.20 per sqm.=1.757.80 baht per box 2. Tile SPC Click the stone pattern lock (marble series) size 305 x 610 mm. Stone pattern, 1 box has 10 sheets of paving 1.86 sqm. Price 999 baht X 1.86 sqm.=1.858.14 baht per box SPC Click Tile Lock 5.8 mm. Remark : 1. Exclude delivery 80 baht per box form Bangkok to Phuket 1-50 box 2.Free installation by local constructor 3. Free delivery from order 50 box up The Sean brand is the latest innovation developed to solve many types of flooring problems: ✔️ Click lock German standard 100% waterproof, not swollen when waterlogged ✔️Made of limestone stone Nature, which has the property Hot and changing temperature Therefore preventing shrinking or peeling ✔️ No more termites problems. ✔️ Not flame retardant against static electricity ✔️ There is IXPE under the pad to help prevent mold Walk soft, comfortable feet, not cold feet and Not slippery, therefore suitable for homes with children Elderly and pets. APVC roof ???? #OZLO Roof, ASA PVC Which developed from general UPVC and APVC roofs, designed by adding coating on the top surface of the roof with ASA (Acrynolitile Sylrene Acrylate), a type of polymer ✅ With 4 layers of UV protection and 4 times cooler insulation, making it suitable for humid weather like Thailand ✅ Environmentally resistant, UV resistant, highly impact resistant ✅ Not transmitting heat House temperature dropped by 10 degrees Celsius. ✅ Easier to clean Because there is another layer of polymer coating To prevent mold and moss, will not rust ✅ Beautiful color, fresh color, more durable, not fade, lasting up to 10 years ✅ Light weight, easy to install, quick, save labor cost ✅ Reduce the weight of the roof by more than 3 times, saving the structural cost than the use of metal sheet materials ✅ Resistant to corrosion from chemicals, acids, alkalis and sea vapor, so there are no problems with buildings that are adjacent to the sea. Or chemical plant ✅ Not flame retardant, safe for electrical insulation during installation No static electricity ✅ Not loud sound when it rains Absorbs sound very well ✅ Can be bent because the material is highly flexible, strong, does not crack the frame APVC 27 White ผิวเรียบ กว้าง 1.13*5.8 เมตร หนา 2 มิล ASA APCV 38 Color กว้าง 1.07*5.8 เมตร ผิวเปลือกส้ม หนา 2 มิล ชุดสกรูตามสีของหลังคา APVC 27 White, smooth surface, width 1.13 * 5.8 meters, thickness 2 mm, ASA APCV 38 Color, width 1.07 * 5.8 meters, orange peel skin 2 mm. Thick, Set screws according to the color of the roof. For more information Tel : 094-9196870 Id Line : seekaideeshop