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Pool Cleaning and Maintenance Services

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Prices start from 1,600 Baht to inquire for details relating to your pool please contact

Line App ID : 0881991998
Email :
Phone : 0881991998

Pattaya Swimming Pools will carry out the routine maintenance for the swimming pool as follows:

• Two visits per week
• Test the pool water for the chlorine/salt and alkaline levels during each visit and treat as necessary with
the required chemicals. Pattaya Swimming Pools include salt, chlorine, soda ash, acid and copper.
• Maintain the filter room in a clean condition.
• Skim the water surface to remove floating debris and leaves each visit.
• Remove and clean the pump strainer as needed.
• Vacuum the pool as required.
• Clean the skimmer basket/overflow tank area to make free from debris and leaves
• Maintain a written record of the service visit.
• Check visually to ensure that the equipment is operating satisfactorily and inform the owner about any
repair, replacement that needs to be carried out.
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