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Small Prefabricated Walk - In Coldroom ,
w1620 x d1220 x h2180
Panel Thickness; PUR 80mm
Coating; Smooth RAL 9010 prepainted white zinc plates suited to contact with food products.
Insulation;Panels are pressure foamed with the injection of expanded polyurethane, with rigid cells sealed at an average density of 40 Kg/mc without CFC.
Corner Pieces;Preformed Panel, pressure injected with injection of expanded polyurethane, rounded internally and externally with prepainted zinc plate coating
Floor;Standard walking floor with internal coating in stainless steel plates provided and lower external edge in stainless steel.
Door; Standard size net of passage mm 700x1900h equipped with external handle with key and internal safety release
Strip-Curtain; included

This coldroom was a showroom piece and needs to go. Some minor scratches but nothing serious.

Price is for coldroom only, not including cooling machine ( can be provided if needed to specific temperature.
Installation can be provided but can be easily be done by yourself.
Coldroom can be viewed at ARC Engineering ( see map )
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