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Price Drop Free Shipping Mr. Bean's Holiday DVD

  • Prawet
  • 02 Jun 2020 : 12:03 pm
  • ID: 391415

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This is not a movie for everyone.. but darn .. it is funny and silly and I love Mr Bean. I bought it for the grandkids but then, there I was .. sitting there and laughing, giggling and groaning right along with them as Mr Bean had one escapade after another... fun family movie. One of my grandsons can do a pretty fair imitation of Mr Bean that gets me to laughing all over again. Nice family watch movie...on the silly side.. but thats what makes it funny.

I love Mr. Bean, Rowan Atkinson is a comic genius and a high Iq. genius as well...
It was well written, well-casted and damn funny...The young kid was wonderful
and oh so cute...
I don't know why I didn't watch this movie earlier, but I've had a very bad day and
this movie was the perfect medicine to brighten my day...
I will enjoy watching it a second time, yes it's that good..

Finally! This movie is clean but brilliant and sheer entertainment. You can take your saintly aunt Jemima to this one, and you need not fear to let your children, or grandchildren view it either. It is a G and deserves the rating; there is literally nothing in it that is in any way objectionable. Why can't other films accomplish this?

When my wife and I went to see "Mr Bean's Holiday" it was pouring down with rain outside. It was the first day of school too. Maybe that was the reason why there were only six in the movie theater to see this gem? We were three couples, yet for all the small number there was regular, hearty laughter throughout the whole performance.

I don't know why some reviewers found it uneven or disappointing. It managed to have a lot of brand new material in it. The on-location European filming gave added interest. We never lost track of the plot or lost interest in the action.

We're ordering one for ourselves (the wife and I) and one for the biggest of Bean fans among our grandchildren.

By the way every one of more than a dozen grandchildren has been absolutely delighted with Mr Bean and have asked to see the episodes from the TV series again and again, as well as the movie "Bean". This one caps the lot in my opinion.

This is such a hoot! Love watching it with family - kids and parents. Mr. Bean’s slapstick humor appeals to everyone, and the dialogue isn’t all that important (for those that are hearing-impaired). Everyone laughs out loud.

I love this film! It's photographed beautifully in the South of France. I'm not a big fan of the Mr Bean TV series. Yet, I find this film funny, warm, happy ending, great music...etc... The Blu Ray has a few different scenes than the DVD. I imagine because it's the British release and not the US release that is on the DVD version.

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