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Private Remote Resort Complex in Lam Nam Nan National Park Sale/Rent

Ad Description

Update: the property will be available for rent by the month for 2,750 USD.

This one-of-a-kind private/remote resort complex is located on 10 Rai, with a Chanot (Nor Sor 4) title deed for 8 Rai. It is fully fenced, has a year-round spring-fed pond, and a bubbling mountain stream — perfect for isolation and quarantine. The complex is nestled in the peaceful and spectacular mountains of Thailand's Lam Nam Nan National Park. Even though the property is located in Thailand's Lam Nam Nan National Park, the property has fully matured Chanot Deeds (similar to a Title Deed in the USA) which is the most desirable deed in Thailand as it conveys full ownership of the land. This property has never been available to the general public. The property is currently owned by a corporation in Bangkok and is used as an invitation-only private boutique resort and corporate retreat.

Tumbon Suan Khuan has long been known as having some of the purest air and highest ozone in Thailand. The area is extremely popular for health and religious purposes. This magnificent property is nestled in the middle of this famous area. The famed Golden Rock Pagoda is less than 5 km west of this property. As you stand in front of the main house, breath in the pure ozone, and look ahead, to the left, and to the right, you will see no houses or business at all….all you see is mountains and valleys. Written words cannot describe the view, the smell, the sound, the oneness with nature, and the tranquility.

The estate is located at a cool mountain elevation of 780 M (2,560 ft.). This elevation is 630 M (2,070 ft.) higher than the city of Phrae, which is only 30 km (18 miles) away. Temperatures consistently run 150 C (10 F) cooler than Phrae; plus, being in the mountains, there is always a steady, refreshing breeze.

The three-story main house is over 264 m2 (2,841 Sq. Ft) in size. The first floor consists of a main dining/meeting room with fireplace and air conditioning, a vast commercial kitchen designed to serve parties as large as 300 guests, three bathrooms, and a tool room/shop. The second and third floors are the owner’s/manager’s private living quarters. They contain a living room, four bedrooms, two full baths, and ample storage closets. The main house was recently rebuilt to include all Western amenities such as grounded and isolated electric circuits throughout the entire house, just above floor level properly grounded outlets all within 8 feet of each other, high pressure mountain spring water with booster pumps, 4,000 L (1,000 Gallons) of water storage, hot water, large showers, 4-bar mobile phone signal with 100/300 mb/s Fiber optic Internet and television.

There are also six (6) traditional Lanna-style guesthouses. Every 26 m2 (280 Sq. Ft) guest house contains one-bedroom, one-full Western Style bathroom, and a beautiful covered porch overlooking the surrounding mountains. The guesthouses maintain their Lanna-style appearance of bamboo walls, grass roofs and breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and valleys; however, they enjoy the modern conveniences of ceramic floors, electricity, plumbing, insect screens, and high-speed Internet. In addition to the six guest houses, the complex has available camping areas for over 25 campsites.

This complex was designed to entertain on a grand scale. Huge extensive lawns allow for large scale entertaining with room for a large stage and eight standard size canopies with potential seating for over 300 guests. The grounds have been professionally landscaped and consist of over 350 square meters of brick walkways, flower gardens, 3 salas/gazebo with seating for over 30 on the main patio, numerous teak, flowering, and fruit trees, plus a large bamboo field.

The privacy this complex provides, while at the same time having the security of a small village seconds away, is as unique and astounding as the property itself. You can walk out onto the front patio of the main house and look to each side and straight ahead and you will see no other homes or structures. It gives you such an at-one-with-nature feeling. All the rest of the world is temporarily out of your sight and mind; however, the entire complex is equipped with telephone, Wi-Fi internet, and satellite TV so you can easily reconnect with the rest of the world at your leisure.

This property is located in Northern Thailand; Province of Phrae, Tumbon Suan Khuan; village of Ban Nakham. It is only a short 30-minute drive from downtown Phrae and the Phrae airport, 550 km (340 miles) north of Bangkok, and approximately 150 km (240 miles) southeast of Chiang Mai.

This property is being sold with unfurnished. The main house is decorated in American and Thai style.

Possibilities for this property are endless. Some have thought about the exciting possibilities of operating a boutique resort, a health wellness center, a corporate retreat/conference center, a religious retreat, a coffee shop/café, an all-natural themed restaurant, an addiction treatment center, even a language school.

Whether your interest is in a one-of-a-kind mountain estate home, a corporate retreat/conference center, or any other ideas, you owe it to yourself to visit and explore the possibilities and wonders of Nakham Estate.

“Each picture is worth a thousand words”
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