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QR Menu Maker Website for sale!

  • Phuket
  • 14 Jun 2022 : 14:17 pm
  • ID: 463875

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QR Menu Maker Website for sale! (

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I will create a vibrant, stunning logo design for your business

I will create a vibrant, stunning logo design for your business

  • 04 Sep 2022 : 12:28 pm

**PLEASE CONTACT ME BEFORE PLACING AN ORDER. IT IS ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA TO SHARE A QUICK CHAT AND TALK OF YOUR REQUIREMENTS** A Logo must express what you are, what you do and what your values are. It is not a simple process and requires several iterations between client and freelancer. First of all I need to understand the ultimate purpose of the logo, the style I will want to adopt to get the best effect. A very important aspect that often those who are not experts neglect is simplicity: think of the most famous logos you know. How many elements do they have? Often few strokes and few lines but all focused on communicating a character. Do you want some examples? Nike's mustache, Apple's apple, Audi's four circles, Microsoft's colored squares ... I will take care of just this and I will do it on time and making sure that you are fully satisfied. THE LOG DESIGN IN DETAILS 1 Logo design concept 3 Revision | JPG / PNG file (High Res.) + Monochrome WITH ME YOU CAN FIND: Professionalism Speed of action Support WHAT I NEED FROM YOU: Company name A basic idea Logo elements you would like to have That's all, Let's do it. Q&A Define a concept A concept is a logo design Define a revision Revisions are the changes you ask to apply to a concept What if I need more than just logo You can ask me first and I will guide you through the process of stationary design and make you an offer for it What if I need a branding bible (Guidelines) from this logo. Yes, I can and I will make you an offer after discussing with you what to include into it Can you do a media kit presentation from this logo? Yes I can do that, please contact me and we can set a price and the exact specifications of what it will include I would like to use my logo in both white and dark backgrounds, can that be done? The Silver and Gold packages include a monochrome version of the logo which serves that exact purpose