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Quality Assurance (QA) Software Tester

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Job Description

Available to all nationalities

This role forms an essential and pivotal role within the company, responsible for ensuring customers needs and expectations are met. The software tester will be responsible for ensuring our product deliverables meet agreed specifications of performance and

Reporting directly to the Operations Manager


Responsible for ensuring all our products are tested and signed off prior to release
Working within cross-functional teams to ensure quality throughout the software development lifecycle
Developing and maintaining effective strategies, test plans, and testing standards within an organization moving to an Agile way of working
Creating and maintaining test cases, for new development and legacy systems
Formulating test plans for all products including regression testing, functional testing and nonfunctional testing such as load testing
Reviewing and analyzing system specifications
Executing test scripts and reviewing results
Reporting and documenting technical or functional issues
Create logs to document testing phases and defects


Excellent communication skills
Strong organizational skills
Analytical mind and problem-solving aptitude
Knowledge of experience with application of “best practices” for software testing
Good understanding of Software development - particularly related to cloud-based web applications and mobile apps
Working knowledge of test management software
Working knowledge of regression testing and functional testing
Experience with automated testing tools is a plus
Familiarity with Agile frameworks is a plus
Some technical knowledge desired relating to database or scripting/programming etc
Attention to detail
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Barman / cocktail maker

Barman / cocktail maker

  • 16 May 2017 : 18:04 pm

New big Bar in Jomtien beach road are looking for a experienced barman to do cocktails and other drinks. The Bar has its own tips separate from the waitresses and salay depending on your experience but not less than 10.000 thb a month. Speaking English is a big +. 20 to 45 years old both male and female can apply. Cheers

Customer servcie / Projects Manager

Customer servcie / Projects Manager

  • 02 Dec 2017 : 09:09 am

Available to all nationalities This role forms an essential and pivotal role within the company, responsible for ensuring customers needs and expectations are met as well as developing the customers spend with the company and maintaining the relationship. The accounts manager provides the main link between the salespeople, the clients, and the production teams. Reporting directly to the Operations Manager Responsibilities Providing Implementation and Training Support for our flagship product eCoachManager Maintaining regular contact with our customer base Ensuring each project is delivered on time Liaising with accounts to ensure billing and credit control targets are met Liaising with the Creative Manager and Technical Manager to ensure projects meet targets Working alongside the sales team and sales director ensuring expectations are met. Business development - seeking out new opportunities with our existing clients for other products Presenting proposals to major clients face to face normally as part of a team Implementing new business procedures and process for the benefit of our clients and internal staff Provide a high level of customer service throughout and resolve any customer complaints. Skills: Strong interpersonal skills, both written and verbal. The ability to work in a highly dynamic and fast-paced environment. The ability to prioritize and manage several different tasks at once. Excellent planning abilities The ability to work effectively to deadlines The ability to thrive in pressured or stressful situations Basic understanding of Software development - particularly related to cloud-based web applications and mobile apps. Excellent verbal and written skills in English - Thai Language is a PLUS!! Good common sense and logical thinking Good motivational skills Good organizational skills Good administrative skills Acting as the first point of contact for company clients Maintaining a good understanding of clients and their long-term business strategies Good budgeting skills and the ability to handle finances Ensuring that clients pay on time A committed and flexible attitude to the job

WANTED Experienced Cook/Chef NOW

WANTED Experienced Cook/Chef NOW

  • 13 Aug 2017 : 17:02 pm

Restaurant Oscar at Jomtien Beach rd. Looking for an additional kitchen staff. Salary will be based on your experience and skills but will be between 11.000 thb and 18.000 thb. You need to know basic western food cooking and basic English speaking. All genders are welcome to apply. Send your cv/resume including age, gender and what restaurants you have worked in and what you were doing at those jobs. Tell us what your strong sides are.