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Quality Turn-Key Restaurant, Cafe, Bakery, Retail and Events Space

  • Pak Kret
  • 28 Jul 2022 : 16:17 pm
  • ID: 468167

Ad Description

Sweet Poppy sells European and Thai restaurant business. Cherng cafe to chill in Nonthaburi, near Nichada Thani village. New condition, ready to operate immediately. Good location, only 20 km from the center of Bangkok. The restaurant is designed to be a multipurpose venue. Different lifestyles, with food, beverages, bakery, and more recreational activities to entertain the family
 Location next to the main road, convenient to travel
 Large usable area 4,000 square meters (2 rai 2 ngan) with parking for many cars
 Large playground area There is a space that can host parties. Weddings, birthdays, graduations, there are many beautiful photo angles. It is a popular check-in point.
 The restaurant style is outdoor and air-conditioned room.
 Type of food: Thai, European, Bakery
 Includes furniture and equipment, kitchenware, good and quality, everything is ready to use.
 Including shopping, selling souvenirs, home decoration accessories
 Well-trained quality team
 Business for sale at a price of 27,000,000, price is negotiable
The shop has been open since the end of 2018 with a business license. It has a strong customer base, both Thais and foreigners. The shop is only 1 kilometer from ISB International School and Nichada Thani Village.

Sweet Poppy (the “Asset”) is located 20km North of central Bangkok is purposeful designed as a multi-use facility operating at the lifestyle intersection of stylish design and F&B, family, lifestyle, activities and community. Within a short 1km distance from the Nichada Thani development that includes the International School of Bangkok (ISB) campus, the Asset is offered as a turn-key acquisition opportunity in a prime location and provides customers with a range of amenities which includes a large open air seating area, extensive kids' playground built with natural materials, bakery producing bespoke custom cakes/cookies/breads, home-ware store and event spaces for weddings, parties and other social functions. This is a unique retail and a high-quality food & beverage multi channel business delivered by a stable and an established well-trained team.
Opened in December 2018 with all required licenses this project is turn-key with no development risk and has strong brand recognition with a loyal repeat customer base made up of both Thai nationals and expatriates.
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