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Scale Plan for Rc Models

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Tell me the scale plan you desire, sending free to your address you give me, payment only PayPal thanks

B25 mitchell from american plan designer
Wing span: 71 in / 1800 mm
Wing area: 778 sq in /50.5 sq dm
Flying weight: 9.3lb / 4200g
Fuselage length: 55 in / 1400mm
Engine Required: 4c 0.52 cu in
11 servos Required
Channels: 5 for:
Elevator, Aileron, Rudder, Throttle, Flaps
Engine: (2) .52 (2-stroke); .60 (4-stroke)
a nice piece to make plan with 5 sheets
3,000 baht post included

middle stick plan by graupner
Wing span: 1,400 mm
Engine Required: 40 or 46 os
4 servos Required
classical model very easy to build as a trainer or as an acrobatic
model.very nice fly.
1,500 baht post included

caudron renault c 450, plan MRA
Wing span: 1,780 mm
Fuselage length: 1,820 mm
5/6 servos Required
not too dificult to build but beware of the final weight.
Engine Required: 15 cc
it is a beautiful french racer to make and fly.
2,500 baht post included

Curtiss 1a Gulfhawk
very nice acrobatic biplane
plan MRA 100% like original(maquette)
Wing span:1620 mm
Fuselage length:1130 mm
Engine Required:10 cc/108 os
4 servos Required
2,500 baht post included

the skyward(trainer)
Wing span: 1,345 mm
Fuselage length: 940 mm
Engine Required:25/32 os (2c)
4 servos Required
with this plan you can convert this trainer in an excelent
acrobatic airplane.just keep the original sizes and after do what you like. It is very easy, cheap to build, repear and flys like a hell.
1,000 baht post included

De havilland DHC 2 beaver
Wing span: 1,550 mm
Fuselage length: 950 mm
Engine Required: 35 cu(2c)
4 servos Required
model easy to make
1,000 baht post included.
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