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Self Storage available @ Safetek Storage

  • Prawet
  • 20 May 2019 : 09:43 am
  • ID: 332682

Ad Description

Need secure storage for you business or excess home contents...?
@ Safetek Storage we can assist you.
or perhaps you're.....
Moving house.......?
Leaving the country temporarily....?
Need to store a motorcycle....?
Units of 17 & 32 Cubic M
Optional shelving
Force fed ventilation
24 Hr access/CCTV coverage
Automated entry systems.
Westerner owned and managed.
Msg/call Jon now for more info
LINE : Safetekstorage
PH/WhatsApp (Eng) 08 7547 2644 - Mr Jon
(Thai) 08 7009 9644 - Khun May
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Swimming pool maintenance has never been easier  AEU

Swimming pool maintenance has never been easier AEU

  • 27 Apr 2019 : 23:22 pm

AEU The pool builder Nr1 in Asia makes it the pool owners very easy to care for your water. All important data is continuously updated on her smartphone transfer. If the water quality is not optimal Get immediate recommendation on your phone what to do. your phone indicates the water quality *PH value *Chlorine content *Salt content *water temperature Made in Europa - France - Germany Only then do they always have the optimal water quality. They save money and time and take care of their health. AEU pool for the love of life. More info in English and Thai. !!! we will explain to you how you care for your water!!! AEU Bangkok and Thailand-wide Charoenklang; Hotline 0810042432 Please note our swimming pool offer. Pictures attached. !!! Do not be afraid to ask us. !!! We are looking forward to giving you our best service. further description: Pool maintenance has never been easier! Linked to ICO, the application guides, advises and alerts you in real time. Who is ICO? ICO is a small connected device (sold separately) that calmly floats in your pool. ICO continuously collects, analyzes and transmits essential parameters to the water quality. Predictive, its analysis engine also integrates data such as the weather to anticipate the variations of the water and thus prevent you from unpleasant surprises. ICO adapts to all types of pools: salt-water chlorination, chlorine and bromine. No more stress and unpleasant surprises: The application notifies you directly on your smartphone or tablet, this way you can see the personalized recommendations, such as the use of the good products in the good proportions. You are guided towards the good practices for a simple and effective maintenance of your pool and equipment. The application informs you of: - The water temperature and its evolution - Disinfection index of your pool water, determined with the continuous measures of, among others, the pH and the Redox. For a clear and healthy water, without bacteria nor algae. - The balance index of the water, determined by measures and estimates of the pH, alkalinity, hardness of the water. For a pleasant and balanced water, not aggressive nor scaling - Personalized advice for a better maintenance of your pool, more effective and economical (filters cleaning, filtration time...) - Recommendations about the quantity and use of pH, chlorine, alkalinity, anti-limescale products... - Alerts and contextual notifications With ICO, discover a new way of enjoying your pool and garden, from your smartphone. AEU Call 0810042432

Male and Female Body Waxing Services

Male and Female Body Waxing Services

  • 03 May 2019 : 07:34 am

Quotes from customers: " I just want to say thank you for your waxing service. You are always reliable, and on time. I will see you in January." "Nan does my waxing for me in Bangkok for long time. As a man, I am always a little nervous about the person who does waxing of my private area. But Nan makes me feel relaxed. She has news that next month she will open her new salon. I wish her luck, and hope Buddha also wishes her luck!!" Nan offers professional Waxing, Body Shave and Massage for customers that prefer to get treated in the comfort of their Bangkok home or hotel. If you want to come to my shop, please contact me for directions. This is a non-sexual service please do not ask! Near BTS or MRT service available from 10 am - 9 pm. Can call in to my shop or will visit. - Trim Crotch and Bottom - 1 500 Baht - Trim Crotch and Bottom + Body Scrub* - 2 200 Baht - Trim Crotch and Bottom + Aroma massage 1 hour - 2 200 Baht - Trim Crotch and Bottom +Body Scrub* + Aroma massage 1 hour - 2 900 Baht - Trim Crotch and Bottom + Shave Back and shoulders - 2 500 Baht - Body Trim Full - 2 900 Baht - Waxing - Hollywood from 2 500 Baht (plus Bottom - 800 Baht - Waxing - Chest - 1 500 Baht - Waxing - Back - 1 500 Baht - Waxing Total - (Without Brazilian or Hollywood)- 3 900 Baht - Ear waxing and Ear cleaning - 1 900 Baht - Waxing - Hollywood + 45 min aroma massage** 3 300 Baht plus Bottom - 800 Baht - Waxing - Chest + 45 min aroma massage**- 2 300 Baht - Waxing - Back + 45 min aroma massage** -2 300 Baht - Waxing Total + 45 min aroma massage** (Without Brazilian or Hollywood)- 4 700 Baht *For Body Scrub you can chose between Tamarind & Coffee **For massage, you can choose between oil or lotion. If you want another combination of my services let me know and I will try put together a package for you.

 Cryptocurrency or Bitcoin instantly cash in or cash out

Cryptocurrency or Bitcoin instantly cash in or cash out

  • 21 May 2019 : 10:41 am

I can INSTANTLY cash in our cash out BTC or cryptocurrency within Thailand. Transaction is done with physical appearance ( face to face meeting) or It depends on trader's or exchanger's choice. But it has to be within Thailand only. Bangkok would be preferable. Fiat Thai baht cash against cryptocurrency ( BTC, ETH, BCH ) Delivery BTC or cryptocurrency to your cryptocurrency wallet against Thai Baht fiat cash. Upload Balance into your PayPal and Skrill account Commission of per transaction is taken 2% ( Ten BTC to Fifty BTC) Commission of per transaction is taken 2.5%( One BTC to Nine BTC) of the total amount of Thai Baht. However the less than 1 BTC or worth of 1 BTC would have commission depends on volume of transaction. The maximum transaction limitation is done of 5 million THB only per day or per transaction. The maximum transaction limitation is done of 50 BTC only per day or per transaction. Steps of transaction: 1. First meet in suitable place with internet access. 2. Deliver BTC to my wallet. Wait for 6 or more confirmation till BTC delivered successfully. ( It may takes 2 to 3 hours) 3. Withdraw THB to Bank account. It may take 1 to 3 hours) 4. Handover THB cash. Whole process should take 4 to 6 hours. You need to have passion to wait till transaction is under process. And processing can be seen transparently. We follow the timeframe service providers. Please call me directly if you are seriously interested to make transaction. And this is complete scam free offer. And do not contact me those who has scam intention or any ponzi schemes. So, please review post again before approaching me and if you agree on commission structure and procedures than call me directly for transaction.



  • 01 Apr 2019 : 14:05 pm

Everyone like to take pictures and share them on facebook, right ? So we have the perfect solution for you ! each guest will be able to take their own pictures, put on funny props and share these fun memories on Facebook. Our booth will upload the pictures to a Facebook album we create for the event, so your guests dont need to wait weeks before they get to see pictures from the event.