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selling urgently to the home and restaurant brewery

Ad Description

selling urgently home and restaurant brewery. Kraft beer 100 liters per day 2 grades. installation free of charge.

Name: 100L brewing beer equipment

Material: stainless steel, copper

Saccarification diameter:120cm;high:230cm;

Side width:180cm;Voltage:380v.

Fermenter diameter:90cm;high:230cm.


Power brewhouse: 7kw Total weight:1000kg

refrigeration equipment: 2kw

Area: 5 square meters

Fermentation time: 7 days

Include: a 500L saccharification tank, two 500L fermentation tank, grinder, blender, thermometer, distribution box, wine feed pumps, CO2 bottle, balance, said, sugar meter, pipe fittings, refrigeration equipment.
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