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shipping from China to Thailand

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Truck and sea shipping from China to Thailand from warehouse to door service and shopping from taobao
GUANGZHOU JF EXPRESS CO.,LTD specialize in shipping line which including the tax from Guangzhou China to Bangkok Thailand by truck and by sea doorstep , we offer the cheapest truck and sea price to Thailand, can consolidate taobao goods or other supplier goods to ship together. We also can ship some sensitive goods like liquird, makeup and so on. It take about 7 days delivery for truck service and about 15 to 18days for sea service.
We also help customer buy from taobao or 1688 website ,charge the commisson min 35rmb,if over, only charge 3% of payment amount.

The following is our shipping process to ship the goods from China to Thailand
1. when you want to use our service,get a customer code and a doc from us via email, whatsapp,wechat, QQ,and so on .
★ the doc can help you list the courier no. Goods details(product name,quantity,unit price,total amount ,by sea or by air) and you delivery address etc.
★customer code for separte your goods with other customers ,very important.(for example:TH110)
2. Put our delivery address at your taobao delivery address, or ask the supplier  to send the goods to us as following address.
ATTN:customer code +邹锦源
(for example:TG110+邹锦源)
Tel: 020-26272512
Post code: 510440

3. after you finish shopping, get all courier no from webiste or seller, put the courier
no,product name,quantity, price etc in the doc. Once you finish shopping,please send back the doc to us.

★You can track the parcels whether receive by us via our website. ( ,after your first parcel arrived my warehouse,please get the user name and password from us.

4,after receive all the parcels,will packed and calculate freight charge
5. arrange the payment.
the payment way as following:
1)pay by western union, or to my China bank account,or Pay via Alipay account or Wechat.
2) pay to our Thailand Bank account, charge THB100 as bank commission from Thailand to China
And exchange rate: 1RMB=4.9THB (exchange rate depend on my website)

7.Arrange shippping

1) The follow is our truck price to (BANGKOK) Thailand (about 7days delivery)
Min fee: 250RMB/Shippment
More then 21KG: 15rmb/kg
More then 50KG: 14rmb/kg
More then 100KG: 13RMB/KG
More then: 300kg: 12RMB/KG
More then 500KG: 11RMB/kg
More then 1000KG: 10RMB/KG
the volume count method : L*W*H/6000 (by cm),need compare with the actual weight,for example, if the box size is: 50*60*50cm/6000=25kg, the actual weight is: 20KG, will charge as 25KG, if same size, the actual weight is:30KG, will charge 30KG,

We can also export all kinds of sensitive goods such as imitation brand goods, liquids, sex products, food, powder, cosmetics, etc. The price is not the same, welcome to consult.

The following our sea price to Bangkok, Thailand (about 15 to 18days delivery)

1100RMB/CBM(including tax)

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Russell zou
MOB: 0086-14778274499
TEL:0086-20-26271079 Wechat: T523066004
ADD: 1/F,NO 32, Xi peng ling Lu, Hebian ,Helong street,Baiyun District, Guangzhou, China
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