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Smart 10 balance Wheel

Ad Description

This is fantastic and really FAST Self-Balancing Scooter or Mini Segway or Hoverboard, depends how you wanna call it

You can see that Thai Pages selling it different price, form me you can get it cheaper and tested and all works

YES it's used for 2 times and contain total of 4hrs.
As you can see in the pictures, paint has gone of a little bit as i tested with lower Tyre pressure in grass where it went very good and fast and as easy can go in the sand road and small stone road as well,, Tested and it works nicely.

THIS have also REMOTE CONTROL, where you can LOCK and UN Lock the wheels and change speed for normal or FAST SPEED and this is really fast.

Shipping is included the price and we are using KERRY Express and they cover entire country and IF you in bkk area and pay it before 14.00hrs (2Pm) you will get it next day
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