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Sony Handycam

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Sony Handycam 6000 baht

4GB internal memory plus 6BG (4GB + 2GB) memory sticks, carry case, charger and cables included

Stereo (2ch.)


Memory Stick


1/8" CCD



2.7" Wide LCD (123K / 16:9) with Touch Panel

53 x 59 x 113mm

Approx. 200g

HYBRID (4GB Built-in Flash Memory)



60x / 2000x

VGA (640 x 480 / 4:3)

Memory Stick Pro-Duo / Pro-HG Duo / Duo

Yes (USB 2.0 High Speed)



Supplied Accessories


Picture Motion Browser



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Sigma fp Leica's L-mount Mirrorless Full-Frame Digital Camera 24.6MP

Sigma fp Leica's L-mount Mirrorless Full-Frame Digital Camera 24.6MP

  • 25 Mar 2023 : 23:51 pm

World's smallest and lightest full-frame camera Sigma fp Leica's L-mount Mirrorless Full-Frame Digital Camera 24.6MP BSI Bayer CMOS Sensor, Dust and splash proof structure aluminum body, UHD 4K30p Video 12-bit Cinema DNG, 3.15" Touchscreen LCD, 49-Point AF System, Electronic image stabilization, HDR Shooting... Excellent condition body with Sigma Hot Shoe Unit HU-11, Sigma LI-ION BATTERY BP-51, Sigma Wall charger UAC-11 US, User Manual, docs, Sigma Neck strap with clips (STRAP HOLDER SH-11 (2 pcs.)), USB CABLE SUC-11, body cap - CONVERTER CAP LCT-Ⅱ TL, box. EMS 50 baht, Cash on Delivery Available (COD เก็บเงินปลายทางได้) or meeting in North Pattaya. More photos and questions via Line ID: gnnick ● กล้องฟูลเฟรมที่เล็กที่สุด เเละเบาที่สุด ● SIGMA fp เป็นกล้องที่ออกแบบมาให้ยืดหยุ่นทั้งการถ่ายภาพนิ่งและวิดีโอในระดับมืออาชีพ ● รองรับการถ่ายวิดีโอ 12-bit CinemaDNG format ความละเอียดแบบ 4K 24fps ความสามารถนี้ตอบโจทย์งานภาพยนตร์ได้เลย ● มี Cine Mode สำหรับงาน Cinema ภาพยนตร์โดยเฉพาะ เพื่อใช้งานในระดับมืออาชีพ ● Electronic shutter ให้เสียงที่เงียบมาก ● ฟีเจอร์มากมายรองรับการถ่ายวีดีโอ HDR shooting, Cinemagraph, Face/Eye Detection AF, ● L-Mount เพื่อให้เชื่อมต่อกับเลนส์ทุกประเภทได้อย่างง่ายดาย ● รองรับการสร้างภาพยนตร์อย่างมืออาชีพ ด้วย SIGMA fp’s Cine mode ● เปลี่ยนโหมดจากภาพนิ่งเป็นภาพยนตร์เต็มรูปแบบด้วยนิ้วเพียงนิ้วเดียว Memory Media SD, SDHC, SDXC memory card (UHS-Ⅱ supported) , Portable SSD (USB 3.0 connection, USB bus power supported) The Sigma fp Mirrorless Camera delivers high-spec functionality for stills and video in an extremely compact body that weighs under one pound. Driven by a full-frame 24.6MP BSI Bayer CMOS sensor, 14-bit color depth, electronic image stabilization, and Leica's L-mount lens interface, the fp and its fully electronic shutter provide a maximum resolution for raw and JPEG files of 6000 x 4000 and a shooting rate of 18 fps, while its focus system employs contrast detection and a 49-point selection mode for AF measurement distance, as well as face detection, eye detection, and focus peaking. A base sensitivity of ISO 100-25600 can be expanded to ISO 6-102400, and its video recording capabilities allow for UHD 4K recording at up to 30p, while Full HD recording can be captured at up to 120p. For raw video data, 12-bit CinemaDNG external recording is supported. To help shooters fine tune their video content, Sigma's "Teal and Orange" mode is inspired by the color grading techniques of Hollywood and creates high contrast between orange colors, which are found in human skin tones, and teals (cyan blue), which are their complement. So that users may easily switch between still and video modes, there is a switch on top of the camera. Also available for video shooters in a "Director's Viewfinder" function, which allows for the simulating of different angles of view and how an image looks in a cinema camera. It supports cameras such as the ARRI ALEXA LF and RED MONSTRO 8K, as well as other commonly-used digital cameras, film cameras, and anamorphic lenses. Compose and review your shots with a 3.15" 2.1m-dot LCD touchscreen, and media is captured internally to a UHS-II SDXC card slot. Thanks to an effective heat sink and a 42-point seal for dust- and splash-proofing, the fp will function well for long hours of use in a wide variety of environments. If you need to connect to external peripherals, there is a USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-C port and a micro-HDMI port. Firmware Version 3.00 Introduced Features ● Adds new color modes "Powder Blue" and "Duotone" ● Adds the "Save/Load Settings" function saves and loads camera settings using a QR code ● Adds compatibility with the Sigma Electronic Viewfinder EVF-11 ● Adds the "Automatic switch to the LCD monitor display" function to preview images and operate the menu on the camera's LCD monitor while using the View button, MENU button, and QS button ● Adds the "Quick Focus Frame Shift" function to the Rear Dial's direction buttons to directly move the focus frame ● Adds "Custom Buttons" able to assign their desired functions such as "Exposure Compensation" and "Depth of Field Preview" to the AEL button, Rear Dial (direction button), Tone Control button, Color Mode button, and MODE (Shooting Mode) button ● Adds "LCD Off Mode" to the Display Mode settings whereby the LCD monitor turns off during shooting or when the camera is not in operation ● Adds a "Screenshot" feature to save any screen displayed on the LCD monitor as a still-image file ● Enables focus frame to be moved even when the image is enlarged during shooting in AF or MF ● Adds 24 and 48 fps frame rates (only at FHD resolution) in the Movie Record Setting ● Adds "KOMODO 6K" by RED Digital Cinema in the Director's Viewfinder mode ● Adds a "Custom Frame" option to the Frame Guide function, to select any desired aspect ratio or absolute size value on the image sensor ● Enables the "Color Temperature" setting to be adjusted in "White balance" in custom 50K increments ● Improved AF operation to achieve better accuracy, stability, and followability ● Enhanced "Flicker Control" function ● Improve JPEG file image quality ● Launched 2021.06.03 Firmware Version 2 Introduced Features ● Cinemagraph creation and playback ● CinemaDNG footage playback ● Still capture during live view and movie shooting in Cine mode ● Still image capture from CinemaDNG and MOV movie files ● HDR in movie shooting ● Still and movie shooting in Director's Viewfinder mode ● Supports DCI 4K 12-bit with raw output over HDMI ● Supports raw over HDMI recording with Atomos Ninja V recorder ● Supports recording Blackmagic RAW codec over HDMI with Blackmagic Video Assist 12G models ● Camera movement control is compatible with ZHIYUN Weebill S gimbal ● Supports camera control in USB mode with forthcoming Software Development Kit Updates and Enhancements ● Supports Dual Base ISO at ISO 100 and 3200 ● Supports CinemaDNG at 25 and 29.97 fps for UHD 4K 12-bit shooting ● Supports CinemaDNG at 100 fps for FHD 12-bit shooting ● Supports CinemaDNG 100 and 119.88 fps for FHD 8-bit and 10-bit shooting ● Exposure adjustment now available in QS Menu ● Tone control setting now available during movie shooting ● Supports USB Video Class (UVC) setting adjustments while the fp is connected to USB ● Supports time code generation ● Compatible with BWF format ● Supports file size changes at aspect ratio 7:6 ● Optional shutter sound effect General Features Full-Frame Sensor Equipped with a back-illuminated, 35mm full-frame Bayer sensor with 24.6 effective megapixels, the Sigma fp is capable of taking high-resolution still and moving images. Robust & Lightweight Aluminum Body A body covered with die-cast aluminum on the front and the back helps ensures robustness and heat dissipation while keeping the body weight light. Large Heat Sink Designed and inspired by those used on professional cinema cameras, a large-size heat sink is mounted between the LCD and camera body. Combined with a heat dissipation coating applied to the outer surface, the Sigma fp achieves highly effective heat dissipation. It helps prevent overheating at high temperatures or in long hours of use. Splash and Dustproof Structure The Sigma fp is protected with a splash and dustproof seal on a total of 42 points over the camera body. When combined with a splash and dustproof lens, the Sigma fp is capable of shooting in rain, sandstorms, and other challenging conditions. Same Screw Threads for Strap Fittings and Tripod The Sigma fp is fitted with 1/4"-20 threads for both the strap holder on either side of the body and for a tripod. This provides greater freedom in how one uses the camera, from mounting it on a tripod in portrait orientation with the fixing removed, to attaching a strap for use in portrait orientation after screwing the fixing into the hole on the base. Full-Time Electronic Shutter Shutter shock, sound, and lags: these are disadvantages of mechanical shutters. The Sigma fp is designed to minimize them in pursuit of a system to adapt to a variety of different shooting scenes. Shooting that requires precision where even the tiniest shake is to be eliminated; shooting without ruining the ambiance of the scene; and shooting with good response, without missing your shot. These types of shooting will open unique horizons in video creation. Furthermore, the absence of a mechanical shutter makes the Sigma fp's camera structure simpler, which in turn improves its reliability as a camera. "Teal and Orange" Color Mode Color grading is a process of altering the color of a video and is an important step in filmmaking that will change the "mood" of a film or other types of work. One color grade style that has been widely used in Hollywood films has inspired a new color mode introduced in the Sigma fp, called "Teal and Orange." This color mode is about creating high contrast between orange colors, which are found in human skin tones, and teals (cyan blue), which are their complement, for visuals that are highly vibrant and deeply dramatic. It can be used in both the Still mode and Cine mode. Fill Light A function formerly available only in Sigma Photo Pro, Sigma's proprietary image development software, Fill Light has now been incorporated into the body of Sigma fp. Using Fill Light allows adjustment of the brightness of an image by adding extra light energy into the shadow regions without altering the exposure of highlight regions. This provides greater control in producing an image with great details, even with areas that are hard to control using the exposure adjustment settings. The adjustment range, which was formerly ±2.0, has been expanded to ±5.0, making it possible to fine-tune the brightness even more. Tone Control & Color Mode The Tone Control menu now has a manual setting option in addition to the two auto options available in previous models (Strong/Mild), which allows users to adjust the tone curve by themselves. The Sigma fp also has an "effect" slider in its color mode menu. It can be used to set the strength of an effect to apply in 11 levels, from -5 to 5, which enables the fine-tuning of the color mode. Additionally, "TONE" and "COLOR" buttons allow for quick access to the tone control and color mode menus. With these enhanced functions and a variety of operation elements, the Sigma fp makes it simple and easy to create an image, in-camera with great details, be it still or video. HDR Shooting The HDR shooting takes advantage of an electronic shutter to take multiple pictures of different exposures (3 frames for still photography and 2 frames for video) at once, which can then be merged into a single picture or video with a greater dynamic range that could not have been achieved in normal shooting. Cinemagraph The Sigma fp comes with a feature to make "Cinemagraphs," which are animated GIFs that are a hybrid between still photography and video. With this function, the Sigma fp is capable of creating unique imagery, where parts of a still image keep moving, in-camera. Face/Eye Detection AF The Face/Eye Detection AF function allows the Sigma fp to focus automatically on the eyes of a human subject. It can bring the eyes of the model into focus instantly and precisely, even when shooting portraits using a large-diameter lens with a shallow depth of field. Focus Peaking The focus peaking function highlights the edges of the parts of a scene that are in focus in a particular color. It is designed to help focusing the lens manually. L-Mount L-Mount is a mount optimized for mirrorless cameras, characterized by a short flange focal length, large diameter, and improved durability. As an L-Mount camera, the Sigma fp can be used with various L-Mount lenses offered by Leica, Panasonic, and Sigma. Supports Raw Video Data Recording Aside from professional cinema cameras, the Sigma fp supports external recording in 12-bit CinemaDNG format. With up to 4K UHD recording at 24 fps, it produces video data that can be used even in filmmaking. It also supports All-I (All-Intra) recording, which makes it possible to maintain high image quality while reducing file size, allowing light data available for recording and editing. Director's Viewfinder The Sigma fp has a "Director's Viewfinder" function that allows the user to simulate different angles of view and how an image looks on cinema cameras. It supports cameras by major manufacturers commonly used in filmmaking. It supports not only large format cameras such as ARRI ALEXA LF and RED MONSTRO 8K, but also film cameras and anamorphic lenses. Supported cameras include ARRI's ARRICAM/ARRIFLEX, ALEXA LF/ALEXA Mini LF, ALEXA SXT, ALEXA Mini, AMIRA, ALEXA 65, and ALEXA XT; Sony's VENICE; and RED's MONSTRO 8K, HELIUM 8K, DRAGON 6K, EPIC MX 5K, and GEMINI 5K. Functions Comparable to Pro Cinema Cameras The Sigma fp's Cine mode comes with a variety of special functions that are comparable to those of professional cinema cameras. From shutter angle display and waveform display for exposure and color information, to zebra patterning, it comes with the functions and screen displays that can be used in the same way as with conventional cinema equipment. UI Optimized for Different Shooting Modes Preserving the distinctive "feels" of Sigma cameras including dials and QS (Quick Set) buttons, the Sigma fp has specially-designed operation systems and displays for Still and Cine modes. At the flick of a special switch, it can move back and forth between the two modes. This presents a shooting experience that goes beyond the boundaries of traditional cameras that are designed either for stills or videos. 24.6MP Full-Frame BSI Bayer CMOS Sensor ● Electronic Shutter & L Lens Mount ● 49-Point AF System ● UHD 4K30p Video with 12-Bit CinemaDNG ● 3.15″ 2.1m-Dot Touchscreen LCD ● Electronic Image Stabilization System ● 18 fps Shooting, ISO 102400 ● UHS-II SDXC Memory Card Slot ● Dust- and Splash-Proof ● USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-C & Micro-HDMI 1.4

Sony RX100 VI 20.1MP Premium Compact Digital Camera 1

Sony RX100 VI 20.1MP Premium Compact Digital Camera 1

  • 18 Mar 2023 : 15:33 pm World's fastest (0.03 sec) hybrid AF system (contrast plus phase) Fully tested in excellent working condition. Camera, battery, charger, User Manual, docs, Box. Plus Sony Hand Strap, Hand grip, Glass Screen Protector, Lensmate Quick Change Filter / Cap Adapter. Now you can add any standard 52mm filter to your RX100 VII or RX100 VI with no vignetting through out the entire focal range. S/n: last photo. EMS 50 baht, Cash on Delivery Available (COD เก็บเงินปลายทางได้) or meeting in North Pattaya. More photos and questions via Line ID: gnnick About this item ● 24-200mm F2.8-F4.5 ZEISS Vario-Sonnar T lens ● World's fastest (0.03 sec) hybrid AF system (contrast plus phase) ● Battery life: Up to 330 shots / 165 minutes ● Viewfinder type: electronic viewfinder ● Image stabilization: Optical Review: Extend your reach with high zoom and faster focus Extraordinary performance in an elegantly engineered package All the features you need to capture the moment are here—wide 24–200 mm zoom range, lightning-fast autofocus, rapid continuous shooting, improved video capabilities, and pro-level operability—all in a remarkably compact body. Sophisticated, high-performance optics The newly designed ZEISS® Vario-Sonnar T* 24–200 mmF2.8–4.5 lens The new lens system is effectively configured to achieve maximum resolution and clarity across the entire zoom range, while correcting for spherical, coma and chromatic aberrations. It brings truly remarkable telephoto capability to a pocket-size package, to vastly expand your range of creative expression. Advanced Eye AF for portraits The sophisticated Eye AF system has superior tracking performance as it accurately focuses on your subject's eyes to facilitate better portrait shots. ● ZEISS® Vario-Sonnar T* 24–200 mm F2.8–4.5 high-resolution zoom lens ● Approx. 20.1 effective megapixel 1.0-type stacked Exmor RS™ CMOS sensor with DRAM chip ● BIONZ X™ image processing engine for superior detail reproduction and noise reduction ● 0.03 sec AF response with 315 focal-plane phase-detection AF points ● Up to 24 fps continuous shooting with AF/AE for up to 233shots Offering longer reach and improved performance, the Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 VI from Sony is a pocket-sized powerhouse characterized by an impressive lineup of stills and video capabilities. Distinguished in the series by its extended zoom, the RX100 VI sports a 24-200mm-equivalent ZEISS Vario-Sonnar T* lens covering wide-angle to telephoto focal lengths for greater shooting flexibility. Leveraging the most from the updated lens design is the 20.1MP 1" Exmor RS CMOS sensor, along with an improved BIONZ X image processor, for fast shooting performance to 24 fps, high sensitivity to ISO 12800, and UHD 4K video recording. The sensor's design also provides a 315-point hybrid AF system for quick and accurate focus performance and subject tracking in both stills and video modes. A stacked design and front-end LSI also contribute to quickened operation and enhanced image quality. Video performance has been upgraded through the incorporation of S-Log3 and HLG gamma settings, and High Frame Rate shooting allows you to record at up to 960 fps for slow-motion playback. Even with the integrated 24-200mm, the form factor of the RX100 VI remains nearly as compact as ever, but still without sacrificing on functionality. A pop-up 2.36m-dot OLED electronic viewfinder is a sleek means for eye-level viewing or, alternatively, a 3.0" 921.6k-dot LCD touchscreen can be used. The LCD features a tilting design to support working from high and low angles and its touch capability permits the use of Touch Focus and Touch Shutter functions. The camera also sports wireless connectivity for sharing imagery to a linked mobile device or for embedding location information from your smartphone. 20.1MP 1" Exmor RS CMOS Sensor & BIONZ X Image Processor Utilizing an advanced stacked structure with an integrated DRAM chip, the 20.1MP 1" Exmor RS CMOS sensor of the RX100 VI is able to deliver outstanding image quality at up to ISO 12800 with incredibly fast performance. This sensor stacks the pixel area, a high-speed signal processing circuit, and memory in order to increase data throughput by over five times and deliver features such as 40x super slow motion, an Anti-Distortion shutter, UHD 4K video, and more. This 1" sensor also has focal-plane phase-detection AF points for faster, more precise focusing. This sensor is paired with an updated BIONZ X image processor and front-end LSI, which dramatically improve the speed and throughput of the entire imaging system, enabling continuous shooting with AF/AE at up to 24 fps. An expanded buffer makes continuous shooting possible for longer bursts, up to 233 JPEGs. The front-end LSI and enhanced sensor performance also improve overall image quality, especially at higher sensitivities, by reducing noise and offering higher perceived resolution and color definition. ZEISS Vario-Sonnar T* 24-200mm Lens Spanning an impressive 24-200mm equivalent range, the integrated ZEISS Vario-Sonnar T* lens suits photographing in a wide range of situations. Now covering wide-angle to mid-telephoto, the updated zoom range affords greater shooting versatility while still retaining a compact form factor due to the f/2.8-4.5 maximum aperture range. The optical design incorporates eight aspherical elements, including four advanced aspherical (AA) elements, to greatly reduce aberrations and distortions in order to achieve high sharpness and accurate rendering. A ZEISS T* anti-reflective coating has also been applied to suppress reflections and glare for improved contrast and color fidelity. The flexible reach is complemented by four stop-effective Optical SteadyShot image stabilization, which minimizes the appearance of camera shake to suit handheld shooting in low-light conditions. Additionally, Clear Image Zoom can also be used to further extend the effective reach of the zoom with nearly no image degradation. Fast Hybrid AF System with 315 Phase-Detection Points The RX100 VI is equipped with an on-sensor phase-detection AF system that dramatically improves autofocus speed for both stills and video. The camera uses a hybrid system with 315 phase-detection points that cover approximately 65% of the frame along with a contrast-detection system to provide fast, accurate focusing in a range of situations. The RX100 VI is able to lock onto subjects quickly, in just 0.03 seconds, and it can use AF tracking when shooting at 24 fps. In order to make operation seamless, an accelerated display system offers reduced blackout for easier tracking when using either the EVF or LCD. Furthermore, an AF-A mode is available, which will allow the camera to automatically switch from AF-S and AF-C mode as the situation needs. Users can also display the phase-detection area to help users focus on their subject. UHD 4K Video Recording Able to record UHD 4K video at 30/24 fps, the RX100 VI, is capable of producing movies with exceptional clarity. By using a full pixel readout without binning, the camera collects about 1.7x the information needed for 4K output. This oversampling helps to increase clarity while reducing the impact of moiré and jaggies. Fast Hybrid AF is available during movie shooting for ensuring accurate, fast tracking using phase-detection AF points. The camera also offers Sony's advanced XAVC S format for recording a high bit rates up to 100 Mb/s. In addition to high-resolution internal recording, uncompressed HDMI output also enables the use of an optional external recorder for clean 4K recording with 4:2:2 sampling. Affording extensive customizable color and gamma controls, the RX100 VI allows users to adjust the gamma, black level, knee, color level, and more. Also, users can use the same S-Log2 Gamma Curve that is found on high-end Sony Cinema cameras that squeezes up to 1300% more dynamic range into the video signal then traditional REC709, for increased post-production flexibility. HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma) support is also available, along with the BT.2020 color space, for recording within a wide color gamut and, in addition to S-Log2, S-Log3 is also available for producing an effective 14-stop dynamic range with increased grading control in the shadow to mid-tone regions of the image. Speed is also a huge advantage of the RX100 VI, and, in video, users will benefit from advanced High Frame Rate shooting and super slow motion. In Full HD, shooters will have access to a standard 120 fps setting that will enable outstanding slow motion when placed in editing software. In addition to this, the camera also offers a dedicated HFR mode that boosts the camera's frame rate to up to 960 fps. A Photo Capture function is built directly into the camera, allowing shooters to quickly save an 8.29MP still from their UHD 4K movies. Full HD can also benefit from this feature, where users will be able to pull a 2MP still. Additionally, the camera is NTSC/PAL switchable, making it usable around the world. Body Design and Wireless Connectivity ● Rear 3.0" 921.6k-dot tilting LCD now features a touchscreen design for intuitive operation, including the ability for working with Touch Focus, Touch Pad AF, and Touch Shutter functions. The screen's tilting design, which goes from 180° upward to 90° downward, also suits photographing from high, low, and front-facing angles. ● Pop-up 0.39" XGA OLED electronic viewfinder offers a resolution of 2.36m dots for crisp, clear imagery. The EVF also uses a ZEISS T* coating, to ensure clarity from corner to corner, and has a one-push access design for more convenient switching between the LCD and EVF. ● A manual control ring surrounds the lens and features a smooth, click-less design for quick and quiet changing of settings. The ring can be assigned to control a variety of features, at different values, including zoom and aperture. ● Custom button and other programmable button can be set to one of over 40 functions for quick access to commonly used settings. ● Pop-up flash will help illuminate subjects in dimly-lit scenes. ● Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity enables instant transferring of imagery to mobile devices for direct sharing online to social networking, via email, and to cloud storage sites. NFC (Near Field Communication) is also supported, which allows for one-touch connection between the camera and compatible mobile devices, with no complex set-up required. Once connected, the linked mobile device can also display a live view image on its screen and, using Smart Remote Control, remotely control the camera's shutter release. Additionally, connection to a smartphone using a QR code is also possible. ● Bluetooth connectivity, via the PlayMemories Mobile app, also allows you to embed location information into both stills and movie files for geotagging. Other Camera Features ● Anti-Distortion electronic shutter can enable completely silent shooting as well as the ability to work at shutter speeds as fast as 1/32000 second. This shutter also keeps rolling shutter effects to an absolute minimum and enables photographers to work in bright light with wider apertures. ● The Fn menu can be accessed and edited immediately after continuous shooting, while data writing is still in progress. ● File name setting allows users to change the first three characters of the file name from DSC to three characters of their choice. Additionally, images shot in continuous mode can also be displayed, reviewed, and deleted in the groups they were shot for faster operation. ● Step Zoom lets you quickly change between five common focal lengths (24, 28, 35, 50, or 70mm) by rotating the control ring. ● Eye AF in AF-C mode will lock on and tack a subject's eye, even as the face moves. ● Users can set a minimum shutter speed when using ISO AUTO to help minimize shutter blur. ● Creative Style settings: Standard, Vivid, Neutral, Clear, Deep, Light, Portrait, Landscape, Sunset, Night Scene, Autumn Leaves, Black & White, Sepia, and Style Box. ● Picture Effect modes: Toy Camera, Pop Color, Posterization, Retro Photo, Soft High-Key, Partial Color, High Contrast Mono, Soft Focus, HDR Painting, Richtone Monochrome, Miniature, Watercolor, and Illustration. ● Picture Profile parameters: Black Level, Gamma (Movie, Still, Cine1-2, ITU709, ITU709 [800%], S-Log2, S-Log3, HLG, HLG1, HLG2, HLG3), Black Gamma, Knee, Color Mode, Saturation, Color Depth, Color Phase, Detail, Copy and Reset. RX100 VI

Tamron 18-400mm F/3.5-6.3 Di II VC HLD, Nikon F Mount, 29-640mm

Tamron 18-400mm F/3.5-6.3 Di II VC HLD, Nikon F Mount, 29-640mm

  • 25 Mar 2023 : 23:58 pm

The world's first 22.2x ultra-telephoto all-in-one zoom Mint condition! Includes : Lens, two caps, Hood, Box. S/n: last photo. Go to extremes with the world’s first* 22.2x ultra-telephoto all-in-one zoom. Introducing the world’s first ultra-telephoto all-in-one zoom lens for the APS-C format. With a focal length range of 18-400mm and 22.2x zoom, it has an ultra-telephoto range equivalent to 620mm in the 35mm format. This brings distant subjects closer, while providing perspective-flattening effects that are only possible with an extreme telephoto lens. Plus it offers exceptional optical performance across the entire zoom range—from wide angle to ultra-telephoto. With this new lens—and its Moisture-Resistant Construction—Tamron brings the art of photography to the joy of travel. Now you can use the same lens to shoot everything from stunning landscapes and neon-lit cities to detailed portraits and delicate flora. The ultra-telephoto range makes it just as easy to photograph animals and sports. And with a maximum magnification ratio of 1:2.9, you can even enjoy tele-macro photography. 620mm capability, compact size Until now, shooting at ultra-telephoto ranges meant carrying large interchangeable lenses. Thanks to the all-in-one zoom technology developed by Tamron, you can travel with a single lens that’s 121.4mm long and weighs only 705g.* Experience the thrill of shooting with compact equipment that makes it easy to capture ultra-telephoto images. * Length and weight are based on the Nikon-mount lens. Three cams. One smooth zoom. Our ultra-telephoto all-in-one zoom includes an all-new barrel design. By distributing complex movements across three cams, Tamron has ensured that all zoom extensions are smooth and easy. Highly precise. Conveniently compact. Tamron’s exclusive HLD (High/Low torque-modulated Drive) saves power while providing superior drive. It focuses accurately and quietly while adjusting the motor’s rotation from low to high speeds, enabling smooth autofocusing. HLD let us design a space-saving AF module, for a sleeker barrel and reduced overall lens size. Learn more about HLD here > Sharp, solid telephoto shots Simulated viewfinder image. Tamron’s VC (Vibration Compensation) technology stabilizes the image in the viewfinder, so you can frame your subject and shoot a sharp image̶even at ultra-telephoto ranges and in poorly lit conditions. Tamron wows the world again with our ultra-telephoto all-in-one-zoom In 1992, all-in-one zoom lenses were known for their heavy weight, bulky size and mediocre performance. Tamron revolutionized the industry by creating a lightweight, compact, high-performance “all-in-one zoom lens” that was perfect for everyday use. It launched to worldwide acclaim, cementing Tamron’s role as a pioneer in the “all-in-one zoom lens” category. Whereas the zoom magnification was 7.1x in 1992, it has increased to 22.2x for the Model B028 which is the world’s first* to achieve 400mm at the telephoto end. With its advanced optical system, compact lens barrel, high-precision cam configurations and VC, the B028 introduces the next level of Tamron innovation: the “ultra-telephoto all-in-one zoom lens.” *Among interchangeable lenses for DSLR cameras (As of May, 2017; Tamron) All-in-one zoom history > Additional Features ● Moisture-Resistant Construction protects your lens ● Compatible with the TAP-in Console™ ● Electromagnetic diaphragm system compatible with Nikon camera ไปให้ถึงขีดสุดด้วยการซูมอัลตราเทเลโฟโต้ออลอินวัน 22.2x ครั้งแรกของโลก ขอแนะนำเลนส์ซูมออล-อิน-วันอัลตร้าเทเลโฟโต้ตัวแรกของโลกสำหรับรูปแบบ APS-C ด้วยช่วงทางยาวโฟกัส 18-400 มม. และซูม 22.2x ทำให้มีช่วงเทเลโฟโต้พิเศษเทียบเท่ากับ 620 มม. ในรูปแบบ 35 มม. ซึ่งจะทำให้วัตถุที่อยู่ไกลเข้ามาใกล้ขึ้น ในขณะที่ให้เอฟเฟกต์มุมมองที่แบนราบซึ่งทำได้ด้วยเลนส์เทเลโฟโต้ระยะไกลเท่านั้น นอกจากนี้ยังให้ประสิทธิภาพด้านออพติคที่ยอดเยี่ยมตลอดช่วงการซูมทั้งหมด ตั้งแต่มุมกว้างไปจนถึงเทเลโฟโต้พิเศษ ด้วยเลนส์ใหม่นี้และโครงสร้างที่ทนต่อความชื้น Tamron นำศิลปะแห่งการถ่ายภาพมาสู่ความสุขของการเดินทาง ตอนนี้คุณสามารถใช้เลนส์ตัวเดียวกันเพื่อถ่ายภาพทุกอย่าง ตั้งแต่ทิวทัศน์ที่สวยงามและเมืองที่มีแสงนีออน ไปจนถึงภาพบุคคลที่มีรายละเอียดและพืชพรรณที่ละเอียดอ่อน ช่วงอัลตร้าเทเลโฟโต้ทำให้การถ่ายภาพสัตว์และกีฬาเป็นเรื่องง่าย และด้วยอัตราขยายสูงสุด 1:2.9 คุณจึงสามารถเพลิดเพลินกับการถ่ายภาพเทเลมาโครได้ ด้วยช่วงซูมมุมกว้างถึงซูเปอร์เทเลโฟโต้ที่น่าประทับใจ Nikon F-Mount 18-400mm f / 3.5-6.3 Di II VC HLD จาก Tamron เป็นเลนส์ all-in-one ที่แท้จริงเพื่อให้เหมาะกับการถ่ายภาพทิวทัศน์ที่กว้างที่สุดในรายละเอียด ของสัตว์ป่า ออกแบบมาสำหรับ DSLRs รูปแบบ APS-C เลนส์เทียบเท่า 28.8-640 มม. นี้ใช้การออกแบบส่วนขยายสามขั้นตอนเพื่อรักษารูปแบบขนาดกะทัดรัดและน้ำหนักเบาแม้จะมีการขยายที่กว้างขวาง ในส่วนของเลนส์นั้นชุดเลนส์ Aspherical และ Low Distribution ช่วยแก้ไขความคลาดเคลื่อนและการบิดเบือนต่าง ๆ เพื่อความคมชัดและความคมชัดที่สม่ำเสมอตลอดช่วงซูม

Olympus Fox-Brown Limited Edition OM-D E-M10 Mark II (only 3500 units)

Olympus Fox-Brown Limited Edition OM-D E-M10 Mark II (only 3500 units)

  • 05 Mar 2023 : 00:17 am

Olympus UK has confirmed that 150 units will arrive on UK shores, from 3,500 rolled out worldwide. S/n: 1285. Rare Olympus OMD EM10 Mark II - Fox Brown Limited Edition: The E-M10 Mark II Limited edition is finely wrapped with premium leather and comes with a matching leather neck strap. Paired with the M.Zuiko 14-42mm EZ pancake lens, this super stylish and compact camera can accompany you day or night to capture picture-perfect memories. While quality and luxury are the focus of this limited edition kit, functionality was not overlooked. The leather grip and strap add a premium feel to the body, while also increasing texture for a firmer hold. The OM-D E-M10 Mark II Limited Edition Kit will be available in February with a US retail price of $899.99 and a Canadian retail price of $999.99. Fully tested in very good working condition. Thai / English + menu. Camera comes with Leather neck strap, User Manual, Olympus BCS-5 Power charger, Strap rings, Ring soft covers, AC cord, Olympus SC-1 hot shoe cap, eye shield, Olympus BLS-50 Battery, EP-15 Eyecup, USB cable, CD-ROM Olympus Viewer 3. No more. S/n: last photo. EMS 50 baht, Cash on Delivery Available (COD เก็บเงินปลายทางได้) or meeting in North Pattaya. More photos and questions via Line ID: gnnick OLYMPUS Fox-Brown Limited Edition OM-D E-M10 Mark II Camera (only 3500 units have been made), collector’s item finely wrapped with premium leather and comes with a matching leather neck strap, Fox Brown Wi-Fi , OMD EM-10 EM10 M2 Hailed as a collector’s item, the OM-D E-M10 Mark II Limited Edition includes a 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 EZ pancake lens in a kit priced £699.99. The outfit also includes a leather strap and matching silver-coloured lens cap. Olympus UK has confirmed that 150 units will arrive on UK shores, from 3,500 rolled out worldwide. ‘The special fox brown colour sets off the glinting chrome and milled edges of [the] solid dials beautifully,’ claims Olympus. OM-D E-M10 Mark II Limited Edition Main features, as stated by Olympus UK: • Beautifully finished metal casing in new Fox Brown colour • Premium shoulder strap made of high-quality brown leather • Distinctive silver-coloured lens cap • Matching accessories in brown leather optic • Powerful 5-axis in-body Image Stabilization system with equivalent of 4 steps of shutter speed. • Lightweight, compact and premium all-metal body with distinctive metal dials and retro On/Off switch • High-speed, OLED EVF with 2,360k dots for accurate framing and assessing creative adjustments in real time • Large, 3-inch, tilting high-res touchscreen LCD with fingerprint-resistant coating • Connectivity: Built-in Wi-Fi for remote control shooting and sharing via a smartphone with OI.Share software • 4k time lapse video creation in ultra-high definition