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Spare Air type mini SCUBA breathing set. Self contained

  • Phuket
  • 17 Nov 2021 : 14:02 pm
  • ID: 444199

Ad Description

Brand new cased 500 ml. self contained breathing set for sale or rent. Can be used as a fun snorkeling accessory, diving bailout set or very handy for anchor clearing or inspection under the boat. Comes with carry pouch, lanyard, contents guage, filling adaptor, manual hp pump and set of spare seals, springs, filter pads etc. Filling adaptors couple to a full size diving cylinder, compressor or included HP manual pump if you want some excercise 555.
Should be used by qualified divers or novices under supervision only !!! I use mine on every dive as a bail out or safety stop stage . Can be filled up to 40% nitrox
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