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Swimming pool epoxy paint

Ad Description

Swimming pool epoxy paint. 5 years warranty minimum. Color available is blue or green. Here cheaper than any other websites in Thailand.You will not find it in home hub, home pro or any where else as it is only for professionals. High solid flexible two components epoxy paint with an excellent and durable adhesion with impact and abrasion resistance properties. Excellent resistance to sun, oil and chemical. It’s suitable for all kind of swimming pool (inside and outside), fish pond, tanks, boat, steal, etc...For new constructions you'll need 3 coats otherwise, on an old clean surface, 2 will be enough. 3484 baths is the price for 1 Gallon or 3.785 liters. With one you can paint from 20 m2 up depending on the amount of thinner you add. You absolutely need to add a special Thinner and stir it very well with the paint tank A before using it. Then you add the tank B. then you mix again and finally paint. The thinner price is 845 baths per gallon which is not included here. You need 30/35% of thinner for each gallon of paint.

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