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Swimming pool maintenance has never been easier AEU

  • Bang Khae
  • 12 Apr 2021 : 20:35 pm
  • ID: 355310

Ad Description

AEU The pool builder Nr1 in Asia makes it the pool owners
very easy to care for your water.
All important data is continuously updated on her smartphone
If the water quality is not optimal
Get immediate recommendation on your phone what to do.
your phone indicates the water quality
*PH value
*Chlorine content
*Salt content
*water temperature
Made in Europa - France - Germany
Only then do they always have the optimal water quality.
They save money and time and take care of their health.
AEU pool for the love of life.
More info in English and Thai.
!!! we will explain to you how you care for your water!!!
AEU Bangkok and Thailand-wide Charoenklang;
Hotline 0810042432

Please note our swimming pool offer.
Pictures attached.

!!! Do not be afraid to ask us. !!!
We are looking forward to giving you our best service.

further description:

Pool maintenance has never been easier!
Linked to ICO, the application guides, advises and alerts you in real time.
Who is ICO?
ICO is a small connected device (sold separately) that calmly floats in your pool. ICO continuously collects, analyzes and transmits essential parameters to the water quality.
Predictive, its analysis engine also integrates data such as the weather to anticipate the variations of the water and thus prevent you from unpleasant surprises. ICO adapts to all types of pools: salt-water chlorination, chlorine and bromine.
No more stress and unpleasant surprises:
The application notifies you directly on your smartphone or tablet, this way you can see the personalized recommendations, such as the use of the good products in the good proportions. You are guided towards the good practices for a simple and effective maintenance of your pool and equipment. The application informs you of:
- The water temperature and its evolution
- Disinfection index of your pool water, determined with the continuous measures of, among others, the pH and the Redox. For a clear and healthy water, without bacteria nor algae.
- The balance index of the water, determined by measures and estimates of the pH, alkalinity, hardness of the water. For a pleasant and balanced water, not aggressive nor scaling
- Personalized advice for a better maintenance of your pool, more effective and economical (filters cleaning, filtration time...)
- Recommendations about the quantity and use of pH, chlorine, alkalinity, anti-limescale products...
- Alerts and contextual notifications
With ICO, discover a new way of enjoying your pool and garden, from your smartphone.

AEU Call 0810042432
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