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Table Top Hard Ice Cream Machine 12-16L/H

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Product Description:

High quality table top hard ice cream maker. Easy to use and made from full stainless steel food grade for long lasting quality. Double inlet with 0.3 thickness, high efficiency copper pipelines. High power compressor for fast ice making. Included SS304 ice cream pan and top quality filter.

Serial Number: MK-H16T
Type: Table Top Hard/Gelato Ice Cream Maker
Capacity: 12-16 liters per hour, 6 liter cylinder.
Compresoor: R22/404a Aspera or Panasonic
Power: 1300W/220 Volt/50HZ
Temperature: -3
Measurements: 600x500x750 MM
Weight: 50 KG
Warranty: 365 Days
Delivery: Within 21 Days

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