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Telescopic sticks for scandic walks

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Telescopic sticks for scandinavian walking "Nordic style".
Walking is good for health, scandinavian-style walking is double-good. As soon as you take the sticks in your hands, you will make your muscles work, and not just feet and buttocks muscles, but also shoulders, arms and belly. If the walking technique is observed, 90 % of your body muscles will work! When folded, the "Nordic style" walking sticks are compact and easy to transport. One set of sticks can be used by several persons of different sizes - the sticks can be easily adjusted to a particular tallness. The base of the sticks is made of solid hardened aluminium alloy and the sticks are fitted out with a good ergonomic handle and length-adjustable sling. Removable rubber tips for asphalt as well as rings for gravel and snow are included. Treat the scandinavian walking as training, not just as walking, and in this case you will be able to achieve good visible results in short time.
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