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OPEN - for all your legal civil criminal company probate LAW

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Thai888 Law Company Ltd
offer criminal, civil, company, consumer LAW first and foremost - one-stop to save you time and money

buy and sell due diligence on properties and companies with the power of attorney POA

Notary services
Visa assistance

Work Permits

Company setups

Visa B for business

Visa O for retirement

Probate to release assets from the estate of the deceased

50% of Wills now 6000 baht only - We also offer full Funeral Services by our own Company Abroad Funerals Pattaya.

We also do probate for you as you need to go to court if you are named Executor in the WILL.

This means that if someone dies with or without a Will then the court needs to make someone the manager of that Will and sell, transfer and close BANK accounts. It's complicated and legal. This is what we do. We disburse the assets and repatriate the remains, go to the Police, Embassy, deal with the hospital and family.

It is easier if we are your Executors and we offer this service.

OFFICE 10 Thai888 Law / Abroad Funeral does everything for you with our Australia CEO Kelvin. If we are named as Executor then we pay for everything, even pay the GF if she can't get money and she is listed in the Will.

Living together does not qualify GF for any benefits.

CEO is English speaking Australian and does International work with many countries and Embassies.

There is no other service like this in Thailand.

Office 12 Thai888 Law for all forms of Legal Service and Notary Public, Translations of Documents and Court appearances, Services for Condominiums/ Annual General Meetings / Litigation, Insurance, Sue for damages, Executors of Last Will or Living Wills, Ownership of Property for minors in a Trust (controller of property), Accounting for company held houses /condo's, tax, pay charities from your estate. Etc.
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