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Thai888 Law make a Living / Last Will you never know Abroad Funerals

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WINNERS of the Sth East Asian Business Award 2021 for the most innovative company for combining a Law Company and Abroad Funerals. Saves time and money on everything and PROBATE issues.
The corona virus pandemic has changed the way we live and work. If you are a foreigner living in Thailand then you need to make sure your documents are in order. NOW you cannot travel back to Thailand and so you will need us to work FOR YOU. We can help as all is translated for you. CV can make you very ill if you have an underlying illness like diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, or lung problems (smokers) - If you are in a risk category then you should make a Will and someone should be there to act for you if you cant. A few documents can secure all things for you and look after your partner. Send for Thai888 Law FREE checklist as:

Remember everything is in the Thai Language and we make it easier for you with just one call.

Unique in Thailand - NOW 2 offices to better understand and handle your issues - Full law office 12 with registered Attorneys and Notary and full funeral director services office 10. Thai888 Law and Abroad Funerals Pattaya Thailand.
Don't leave the worry and hassle for the family we do 100% of what is required. Nothing is left out. From making the Living or Last Will to court Probate.
Thai888 Law Company is the only one stop DBD registered Company in all of Thailand that makes a Last/Living Will, does full funeral director services/cremation, applies to the court for Probate, deal with the Embassy, the hospital, the police, family and friends & act as the Executors to wind up the estate, send assets and money back to heirs. Even sea burials.

This is complicated work and is done by the Australian CEO. English Thai any language translated.

If you have an issue in getting assets back or if someone dies without a Will then Thai888 is at your services.

Our services are international and we can deal with overseas organizations, law, and Embassies.

Thai888 Law Office 12 deals with criminal civil family company Law - fast efficient work. Notary services or Certified docs from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Do you want a sea burial? Contact us. Price on Application
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