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The domain name BEAUTYCARE.ASIA is for sale.

  • Phuket
  • 31 Jul 2022 : 06:38 am
  • ID: 416696

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The PREMIUM Domain Name (without content) is now available for sale.

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I will write and design your weekly social media posts

I will write and design your weekly social media posts

  • 06 Jul 2022 : 07:43 am

ENJOY BEST UNRIVALED PLAN It happens sometime that as a business owner or as a marketer you get overwhelmed by your work daily schedule and your family related duties that it gets difficult to find the time to sit down and think of writing your social media posts for the week ahead. Especially when you are trying to beat your competitors by writing genuine content aimed at a proper target audience and not just re-posting someone else content for the sake to let's say "be there" on socials. When you experience this ... that is when I come forward with my time and expertise and I help you doing just that...writing real content with proper links to your products or services and with hashtags that have been searched online and proven to be "relevant". This gig is will allow you to cover a full week of posting in any of your Social Media Accounts. Images are universal in size so that the post can be submitted to any of your social media accounts. Each post include the following: -Short phrase / slogan / message -Link url to page of your choice or product -Hashtags -Graphic Art (Image with text slogan and your logo) Have a look at the examples I have made available so that you get a better idea of the final delivery. 1 Day Delivery 3 Revisions Image File Format -PDF -PNG